Why does Lampert have to say this?

Seth Benardete, like Leo Strauss, judged that the Symposium occupies the privileged place in the Platonic kosmos.

“No one is ready for that discussion.” No one is ready for any discussion, that’s why it’s a discussion at all.

“Is this now the HUNDREDTH time you’ve tried to ‘center’ the Plato-corpus?” Yeah.. anything else in life seems vapid and vacuous. Would you be proud to be vapid and vacuous? If so, then join the rest of the saxon world. “I’m vapid and vacuous, and this is my identity!”

You need “the Mossad” to ruin my life for many years in a row without accountability to eve say what your version of “truth” is, so I think you’re disqualified.

Don’t you want to know the real meaning of the Symposium?

It’s dudes talking to each other without anyone listening.

The NSA will try to tell you this is a homo or sausage fest and I think that is a distraction from the fundamenals as well.

Anyone who has fucked a woman in the ass knows this is not the “natural” [physis] state of being. Only vaginas and wombs are natural and thus beautiful.

I hope the NSA minions can recover from that.

“We already killed you, we made sure any woman that would breed an anti-semite would be mangled beyond recognition.”

So you believe in creating women who don’t know the meaning of life is to fight people like jew devourers.

I only say these things “at the end of time” as it were, to an audience that is “hopeless”.

The meaning of life is to fight the demiurgic takeover of reality. “It’s too late for me.”

I think blonde, blue-eyed women are a good thing in society – what is your thought about that? Do you want to see them disappeared? Then you probably are a nigger. This is why the extra-terrestrials never bother to visit earth, because they see you jewniggers here. “Aryans who laugh at us are evil, we need to bribe our way into not having to deal with their questions about us.” Banker loser. You are part of the fate of Being that makes you a part of the demiurge, I hope you enjoy another thousand years.

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