You’d think they’d have standalone books on Schmitt instead

The task to understand him, then, is upon us!

The Nomos of the Earth was published in 1950 so it’s similar in time to Jünger’s Heliopolis and Pound’s Washington Cantos. These are “our boys” – represent.

Let’s just jump right into it shall we? In the index of that phenomenal study Carl Schmitt and the Jews there are over 20 entries for “nomos”. As I’ve shown before there’s a between-the-lines quality to postwar Schmitt, and the safe still needs to be cracked.

nomos… will be Schmitt’s vehicle for replacing alien, “Jewish” legal understanding characterizing the constitutional state, along with the idea of legitimacy connected to it.

He wanted to replace nomos as Gesetz with nomos that’s true to one’s kind, what he refers to as Recht.

He cites Heraclitus when he says it is a type of nomos to follow the will of the Führer. That’s only part of it though, it’s an extremely sophisticated issue.

“We’re conquered slaves!! Just learn to embrace it!” NO. That’s like pushing a button to vountarily turn yourself into a stack of mud. Do you feel a sweet release when you submit, coward?

Don’t try to pull me into you

As early as 1928 Schmitt opposed the idea of nomos to the “Gesetz-state” (Gesetzesstaat). The problem he saw with the bourgeois state’s constitution was its concept of law. If we want a new Constitution, Schmitt is the man to consult. Or you can just lay down and die? It’s your choice. Once the boomers drop off I expect this to transform into more of a “live option”, so it’s good to start early as possible on getting the subject down-pat.

It seems inevitable that the Enlightenment had to be tried. If we truly are committed to the ideal of reason then we need to be consistent and recognize that it was a failed science experiment. Then speculate what to do from there. Both our own Constitution and the more recent Universal Declaration of Human Rights were produced within the horizon of the Enlightenment.

Early Schmitt formulated his idea of nomos in a theological milieu in which it was ordinary parlance to speak of a “theology of the Volk-nomos”.

“nomos” signified “the order of life ordained by the gods” in the Greek polis. [Bogner] saw the nomos as “corroded” [zersetzt] by the Sophistic enlighteners. Spirit was still biologically bound up in the nomos

While opinions will differ vastly “who is a European”, I personally believe anyone as far east as Russia unless they look like Genghis spawn. Even some of the latter maybe, because generations of Christianity seems to shape people to be “Euro”. In an American context Schmittianism won’t translate over precisely because his mind was usually on Germans specifically. This is all just thought-experiment anyway- ideally we’d have a patchwork with at least a few new Constitutions. The point here is that “the gods” are important and biology is important.

A basic principle following from the Volksnomos doctrine is the impossibility of Jews and Christians–and of “Jews” and “Germans”–being subject to a single law, or part of a single political structure.

How’s that saying go- “That’s the tea, sis”?

Mr. Franklin, how about you, can you disagree with the above?

It’s either extermination or separation. We know the jewish PHYSIS.

Consider this

Every “genuine people” (echte Volk) including the Jews had its nomos, determining the “hierarchy of values in a national community [Volksgemeinschaft].”

It’s either you live under a new nomos or live under the Jews’ nomos. Does the latter really suit you?

Who would ever accuse them of being greasy, slimy, muddening, exploitative, self-centered, greedy, mentally ill, totalitarian, or simply immoral?

“Welp you got me there! Let’s draw up a new Constitution TOGETHER.”

This is the difficulty. WHO is going to formulate it? An anti-democratic Constitution isn’t itself going to be written democratically. I’m going to have to say it should be people who study all these matters for years.

Think of the following “as when on a holiday…”

Law is not holy as Gesetz; law is only holy as Recht.

I appreciate the form here- these German words are just placeholders.

Again, the form here

the nomos as “precisely what is lacking” to create the concept of a “true law”

If you’re one who recognizes that Heidegger “is on to something”, it’s important to note that Schmitt’s return to the Greeks has to take precedence for Heidegger to ever be implemented.

with a turn back to Pindar as the concept’s supposed source. He thus defines the Greek poet as destined to stand for a sacralized… non-Jewish type of law.

I know Hölderlin is an obscure poet. Schmitt reads Pindar THROUGH Hölderlin. This should give us pause, that both he and Heidegger would examine Greek concepts through this particular poet. Nomos AND Physis. There’s a reason Hölderlin and Hegel were friends.

Anyway, continuing with this “how to” on reading Schmitt between-the-lines, when he talks about “space” and the spatial, consider it in this light

he defines the fundamental connection between order and space, law and locus as rejected by one people alone: a people without its own land, existing among alien peoples as a “guest nation.”

Do you really want exile mental patients calling the shots for your people?

Schmitt calls it “rootless law”. Rootless nomos.

If you ever get around to studying Schmitt you’ll thank me for digging these things up. By the way, this secondary text I’m drawing from was definitely written by “the enemy” so there’s no doubt lots more “safes within safes” to crack.

Schmitt’s central concepts–friend and enemy, decision and discussion, Katechon and Antichrist, nomos and law–either emerge from an antisemitic ideoloical tradition or were used by Schmitt in his antisemitic polemic.

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