If you use the Method from Plato’s late trilogy you WILL get in trouble, people WILL hate you. So if you learn it prepare to keep your trap shut, that yap of yours closed. And what a joy silence is (not really).

Theaetetus, the first part of the trilogy is considered to be a–if not thee–founding text of epistemology. This doesn’t have to be boring stuff. If you’re permatripping like me, half the time you will be laughing while reading it. What is knowledge? It’s absurd to see “people” having a “conversation” about that. It’s not What is knowledge of Y or Z, it’s what is knowledge? If you think I tend to be a “convincing” person it’s because I’ve studied what the difference between knowledge and false opinion is–and anyone can. It’s not “subjective”, Plato has a Method. It Teaches you how to tell these two things apart.

The second part of the trilogy is titled Sophist, and it isn’t about sophists, it’s about the opposite of a sophist. This is dialectics. This is the thing that will make people hate you so walk away now. I think of it as a method of division. (By the way, you’re not going to learn it from me, you need to read the actual dialogues and internalize and personalize them for the current year.) For instance, the other day when I defined what a woman is. A couple months ago there was a debate about this, the left saying you can’t define that. Well I think I did and people are just too afraid to admit it’s true. Same with how I’ve used Plato’s Method to define what a jew is. Same with how I’ve used it to define people who are in denial about these things. People don’t like to “know” things. Plato teaches you how to “know” things. Scary stuff, I know. Once you “know” things you definitely start wondering why so many people have a vote. That’s not something they deserve.

A jewish woman is thinking “I’m not defined.” Oh yes you are. It’s over for you. Just a dazed, bloody mouse I swat around for my amusement. I pluck the vote right from your hand.

They’re giving me control of the Disney channel so you better watch out. Kiddos need to experience these things while they’re highly impressionable!

First is abortion, next is women’s suffrage. You don’t believe in slippery slopes do you? I love the idea of “taking it all away”, it’s like hugging a pile of poker chips toward myself.

Joking around aside though, Plato’s Method pretty easily can substantiate adequate proof that the Enlightenment was a failed experiment. And I think people have questionable motives for denying these proofs.

They’ve been trying to zombify and castrate me because I “know” these things, so beware what you have “to look forward to” if you attempt the same, zoomer. With medical technology advancing exponentially our generations might live for decades after society has already been liquidated due to Enlightenment delusions. If you know how to see, the “apocalypse” is already somewhat present as it is. I wish someone would help me escape the country. I’m not sure how much longer they’ll be lobotomizing me through sleep-deprivation. Possibly interminably.

They know what they are and they don’t want anyone to know what they are.

They can’t help it, their personalities were formed in ZOG. If they’re revealed to be malignant that will only make them angry. They want blood. They were taught to be bitter dwarves and this is their physis now. They want any memory of true perception of them to be erased. Don’t think you’re immune, they will use statistics and algorithms to do this without you even realizing. And all of a sudden you are one of the bitter dwarves yourself and not even aware of it.

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