Let’s try to clear up some confusions in a realist-Schmittian context.

People like me are friends with Jews regarding the woman question.

These are different SPECIES we are speaking of. Male euros, male jews happen to find themselves in a similar boat against another enemy.

“I will never stand on a boat with a nazi!” You bolsheviks killed millions more than nazis did so that is an unexamined belief you have. Should I stand on a boat with a bolshevik after that?

So it follows that, (when the public and feds aren’t watching) nazis and jews are in agreement about at least one thing.

Are you sure you want to know what that is? It drives me to drink, honestly, because I push it further than the jews, and you won’t like the consequences of that.

So let’s just ask the random opinion to the crowd- why would Nazis and Jews ever be in agreement about anything?

Their counterpart isn’t very bright and you need to be sensitive about how far away from living in humanity they are. I say we shouldn’t be sensitive anymore. Just call the woman subspecies niggers and get it over with. The idea of them having equal rights only derives from them demanding it at the threat of “no sex”. That’s nice, woman. Why can’t you explain how you’re the “jew of the genders”? Or as John Lennon put it, Woman is the Nigger of the World? Why can’t you ever admit it? I’m just looking for true beauty and love here, and I can’t find it in zogworld.

“I’m a natural leftist that wants people superior to me to be disappeared!” So a jew then, glad thing you admit that.

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