This is the corpus of Aristotle. Does anything jump out at you at first glance?

Was the dude obsessed with animals or something? He wrote about them more than anything. This is usually known as his “Biology”.

Remember that Greek word βίος, life? Biology is the logos of life.

“Are you really wondering what life is first thing in the morning?” Are you judging me?

Maybe we can learn what life is from his writings on the most basic forms of life that are similar to humans?

Similar to the Physics, people tend to overlook this aspect of his corpus because modern science has left it behind. Has it really? You’d have to read Aristotle to know for sure. This is also similar to the philosophical sides of his corpus- overlooked because postmodernists have left them behind. Have they really? Those guys seem like degenerates to me, so maybe not?

By the way, my intention here isn’t to be a jerk (the left HATES biology), I’m just curious why Aristotle wrote so much about it relative to the other disciplines. I will add though that I have a hunch that if they hate modern biology they’ll probably hate ancient biology even more. I do honor the commies who are brave enough to read the things I say here.

Whoa whoa WHOA, we’re NOT getting into that!

Anyway, Aristotle’s corpus can be divided into sections. Biology is a “sequel” to Physics. Both are about physis.

Cool, there are some studies on this

The importance of Aristotle’s zoology to both his ethics and political philosophy is highlighted.

I’m not hinting about anything here, OKAY???? I promise you! Haha.

I just like to post random images

What does he know?

I doubt this Ivy League study will take these ideas as far as we can

By the way, I doubt you will fully grasp what I am hinting at here without knowing Alfarabi who was considered “the second teacher” after Aristotle. Alfarabi = real “illuminati”.

A quarter of Aristotle’s writings are on animals! Why?

It’s been consistently marginalized in the history of philosophy too. Kind of ironic that he makes virtually everyone after him look like an animal. “People” didn’t care to know what he thought of them?

Misanthropy to the side for a moment, I’m learning that some scholars have found that this quarter of his corpus is interconnected with the better-known other three quarters. (When I talk about democracy and aristocracy I’m always alluding to Aristotle’s treatment of the subjects, to name one possibility.)

Just a bird’s-eye-view on this forbidding task for now

the Historia Animalium represents the collecting of facts (the “that”) before seeking causal explanations (the “why”)

Do any of these things seem familiar to you? Temperature regulation, breathing, feeding, reproducing, locomoting, social activities?

What “is” is. Square one. Inception.

He’s in an agon/polemos/strife with Plato here

Hmm the enemy of the crime family is trying to promote interest in Aristotle? It’s tough to top that one, good luck.

There’s a certain “old books fetishism” on the right and it seems people never really are including Aristotle in those old books. Something perplexing about that.

I definitely can will the eternal recurrence of studying animals while being surrounded by animals who are rather “animaling”.

Given the theological-political problem (that unreflective politics is “first science”) I think it’s important to re-think science itself from the ground up.

Staring at the outline of Aristotle’s corpus earlier, dumbfounded, I had a Gulliver moment

I’m happy to be 30 years old. Mature enough to recognize this stuff is important, and young enough to know I have decades to study it. Maybe I will get a normie “mugglewoman” wife one day too. “What did you do on the internet, honey?” “Well it’s kind of a funny story.”


sciences which are about the most common things in nature as well as about the most divine of the things perceptible to us, sciences which, being full of the most numerous as well as the most amazing observations, have a precision not moulded from empty arguments, but one of their own, one that is solid and secure from their underlying nature.

Aristotle again, with a more optimistic take on the science of niggers

“That’s so hateful!!” What do you want from me, that is their TRUE name, everything else is euphemism! Yeah, it’s a nigger- that means IT doesn’t have a soul. Or if you prefer the Kabbalistic conception, if it does have a soul it’s a demonic soul.

one should approach the study of each of the animals without disgust, since in every one there is something natural and fine.

Wow, feeling humbled by Aristotle, who could have ever expected that??

He thought we could see the heavens in animals. Again, this is a polemos (war) with Plato.

Aristotle was the first lots of things

Lacking any squeamishness, Aristotle was to become the first systematic practitioner of animal dissection

“I find it really cruel what you’re hinting and winking about.” That’s because you’re squeamish.

I love the Greeks so much. How tragedy evolved out of epic, and comedy out of tragedy, and in this case biology out of idealism.

This is amazing

Do you feel it?

Is this biology illegal to talk about for some reason?

Click here for the following

Anyway I repost the following because it’s so breath-taking

The word “renaissance man” distracts from Aristotle, who was the true renaissance man, before the renaissance.

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