Another mountain-task for the morning, another bird’s-eye-view. Aquinas is usually only known for his Summa Theologica. Besides that, and much else, he wrote a dozen commentaries on Aristotle.

This is how the one for On the Heavens begins

This is how the one on the Politics begins

The one on the Treatise on Generation and Corruption also invokes the Physis in the first paragraph.

This is how the one on the Metaphysics begins

Two layers of suspicion I’m operating with here- 1. I don’t trust modern commentators on Aristotle, and 2. I don’t trust modern commentators to tell me about Aquinas’s Aristotle.

I’m still baffled that Heidegger takes the Physics to be a central text in Aristotle’s corpus. And we might infer from the above that Aquinas does too. So it’s not just those “backward Medievals” who believed that. Nor was it just Heidegger.

“Why don’t you just read them all to find out about this?” All Aquinas’s commentaries are hundreds of pages each, one I see is almost 1000 pages. I want to maximize time-usage.

Heidegger is the Averroes of today

Dialectics with H… I will use Aquinas for that!

These giants are in agreement on the fundamental

Thomas who also reminds us that “being” is the first concept to enter our mind

Thinking back to yesterday, I want to determine if Heidegger’s Aristotle is the “Metal” cover. Sounds like a Sunday activity.

I’ve had such brutal wars with people over the years. And they’ve essentially been caused by our different understandings of what being is. So I’m just being the adult in the room and wondering about the most fundamental question that ultimately drove us to so much violence.

Being isn’t something outside yourself per se. I think that’s how it’s usually conceptualized. Being is your mind and heart. What is Being here on earth to do? It’s very possible to be absolutely confused in your answer to that question. Many people seem to not know why we are on this earth.

Wars over why we are on this earth!

Do you think everyone’s opinion has the same validity? Well, if someone is wrong then they fail at the reason they were put on this earth. That’s not good. So we should seriously wonder why we are here. And I take it up with the geniuses of history, who else knows better the real answer to that question? Who do YOU ask about that question? Probably someone embarrassing, considering the gravity of the question. Or am I wrong? So don’t pretend like you know what you’re doing. A war fought by a retard.

Do you like how I do this every day, FOR ITS OWN SAKE? I bet YOU are someone’s paid puppet in one way or another. So reflect. A retarded puppet’s war. Let’s keep on with the method of division won’t we? It’s a retarded puppet that is tinged with the revenge from knowing it is wrong. Instead of accepting you’re a retarded puppet you get angrier instead. Is that someone you’d consider as having a “mind and heart”? I don’t think so- hence the expression “non-being”. If you are in such a state, which Dostoevsky refers to as “demonic possession”, it means the gods have abandoned you. Thus you fight for godlessness. Is that what you reckon we’re on earth to do?

That’s an interesting added factor though- the sourness you feel when realizing you’re wrong just makes you into all the more of a poisonous person fighting a war for non-being. Just keep propagating that attitude to others, that’s what we’re supposed to be doing here on earth I guess.

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