Here is my recent purchase, my sublimated commodity fetishism

I wish more people were like this. I.e., taking the Athens vs. Jerusalem conflict to the MAX.

Anyway, technical details here (because those are important)- this H book is the kind I can’t copy Greek script into google from so it’s one I’ll have to make notes on the actual pages of. Probably printing out the glossary of main Greek words to have on the side of the book while I read it. And then Idel’s, it’s simply not in pdf form online for too many searches in a row. The latter on the surface looks quite enticing, no? given then kelipot idea I’ve described?

It’s messed up someone like me is an “antique” basically. The jews carried out their own “monstrous extermination”. And what if they were right that’s bad, and it happened to be the case that they were wrong? That would mean they killed the only people capable of possibly stopping evil.

“Reality couldn’t be that bad, relax.” In whose world are you living in? You think that never happens on any planets?

Thus, I take this conflict to the MAX because I strongly suspect this has happened on ours. And I wish to find the appropriate double-language to prove it with fairness. The REAL dialectic of our time, I argue.

“Marx vs. Nietzsche” is only the laughable surface. The Kabbalists were superior to Marx, the Greeks were superior to Nietzsche. It’s just that only a few “antiques” will be able to perceive this. They’re both just the “face” like presidents are, don’t be a dupe.

It’s not a woowoo occult thing to say both represent a tangible ETHOS that can be explained with a logos. I can clearly see them when I visualize them in my mind’s eye, and I am often trying to describe at least their outline (only poets can truly describe them). I am only here to facilitate the aesthetically-talented’s understanding of these outlines, given there’s a “division of labor” in the life of the mind. Maybe when I’m older I’ll write a novel- my thought for now is how could you possibly want to create art without first mastering Aristotle? The further away from philosophy you get the more art is an image of an image of an image of an image of the truth.

Just imagine having Aristotle’s consciousness for five minutes. If you dedicate enough time to study, you can at least get a closeness to that. How he must have seen the world. As just a guy walking around in a normal city. We can’t even fathom. The “posthuman” already existed in ancient Greece! What do you think the true meaning of “Dionysus” IS? And… here we have the Athenian side of said “ethos”. How much you will be reviled if you even mutter a peep about the implications of Dionysus. I’ve seriously wondered many many times, Am I going to die young from this? They want you to be dead if you talk about it.

And why is “Jerusalem” like this? It’s all-too-easy to be polemical about them, thus why I read their wisest thinkers. There’s an “Athens” side to the Kabbalists (and vice versa). They are Utopians. A “literal nazi” can condone this on some level (I accidentally almost typed a “lizard nazi”). I think these panpsychist Hasids are “criers” in a way that isn’t necessarily bad. They see the “exile” in others and they have unusual amounts of empathy which drives them into extreme convictions about how to “get them back to Israel”. This of course is lost on the typical jew of today that is cut off from their tradition. That’s fine, you can see these various types “in exile” and cry because they have fallen so low and need to be lifted back up. Just know there’s another type of “tragic awareness”.

What Jerusalem gets wrong is it over-stresses the collective, while Athens over-stresses the individual. The IDEAL is to have a collective of Aristotles.

That is not going to happen unless there is some kind of drastic change in the ethos of the egregore. With the narcissistically-dogmatic Jerusalem model we will have a world of nothing except people who have fallen low. Is that lifting ANYONE up? We want a world of Aristotles. That is the true Utopia. Jews don’t understand that because for too many centuries they were cloistered and lacked real dialectic, and thus their “messianic” age concept is limited. The “inventor of the disciplines” should be the Keter of any sephirothic-structure. Moses wasn’t Aristotle, sorry.

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