Let’s do some genealogy in honor of the fourth of July

People often believe Locke was responding to Hobbes, no, the above text was a direct response to Filmer, an obscure Kentish squire. Also, if you’ve forgotten who Fitzhugh was- the chief ideologue of the confederates. Besides the novelist Walter Scott, the theorist Robert Filmer was also popular in the south. And interest in the latter goes back to pre-Revolutionary War days.

The Filmer-Locke dispute is over the interpretation of Genesis. The beginning of the Bible was interpreted politically by Christians as early as Augustine.

the story of Cain and Abel was an example of the founding of two types of cities: Cain, whose love is directed towards himself, established the city of man; Abel, whose love is towards God, established the city of God.

Which of the founding types of cities are those fireworks that are going to go off later truly represent?

Locke’s treatises on government, which Jefferson and the founders relied on when writing the Declaration of Independence, quotes the Hebrew Bible more than 80 times.

Meanwhile the word “Saviour” occurs only twice (quotes from the book of Matthew). SO, even if you follow along with my theory that the Revolutionary War was against bankers more than it was against the British crown, the founders still did not fully “twist away” from the Hebrews.

So what was this Filmer-Locke dispute really about?

It was because Sir Robert Filmer claimed that there was to be found in Revelation a proof that God had set men above other men, fathers above sons and men above women, the older above the younger and kings above all others that his doctrine was so dangerous and had to be refuted.

Probably essential to note that Filmer himself was a Norman, Locke a Saxon.

This is similar to how the early Sabbateans remained theologically-bound. Filmer’s and Locke’s contemporaries like Hobbes and Spinoza, supposed “empiricists and rationalists”, constantly quoted Scripture.

So the supposedly “secular” foundation of the USA was really rooted in the Torah. Nothing wrong with that necessarily in my opinion, because there’s lots of wisdom to be found there, it’s more a matter of the correct interpretation of wisdom.

Filmer was widely popular in his time and he derived a “grounding” for his theories in the Old Testament. Thus, Locke had to meet him on his own ground.

Writing of Filmer’s Patriarcha – 1630

Execution of Charles I – 1649

Writing of Locke’s Two Treatises on Government – 1689

Filmer’s text wasn’t published until 1680. Prior to that it was circulated privately among Monarchists.

Say, what can you see by the dawn’s early light?

Locke was the political soul-food of the Puritans. The above quote is from the Filmerian Fitzhugh.

I mean, who wants to be the slaves of bankers? I don’t think our founders were totally misguided. The problem is how the Lockean telos inexorably unfolds. Thinking back to yesterday- equality with the eternal 15 year olds known as whimin, equality between christbloods and kikebloods, respect for third-worlder “culture”. The intellectual basis for this joke-civilization was derived from a debate about the Torah.

And there are some theories out there that Locke distorts the Bible for political reasons.

For example, this sounds like a modern way of speaking more than a theistic way

Locke’s argument that Adam, in the state of nature, had all the rights and privileges of the law of nature

See, we always go back to physis. State of nature? How does Locke know that? Law of nature? Nomos of physis you mean? The political appropriation of “physis”?

“American Independence” was Hobbesian “physics” being superimposed over Genesis.

That’s why it’s important to go back to the origins of both Athens and Jerusalem. Do you want some random English serf determining your theological-political horizon?

Aristotle’s physis is being-within-motion. If you learn how to look at the US’s being-within-motion with sharper vision you might not feel too enthused about celebrating the holiday today. “As when on a holiday…” – I get that feeling more when I’m studying the Greeks and Germans.

Now you know! Now you know!

What’s the meaning of this? The Kabbalah also is a creative reading of the Torah. The Saxon-physis-minded Americans find themselves to be subordinates today in part because Locke did not interpret the wisdom of the Torah accurately enough.

Fireworks to celebrate the descent into non-being. And virtually everyone here is “in on it” whether they’re formal patriots or not. You blind, depraved golems who were set in motion by forces hundreds of years ago that you do not understand, try to have a good fourth out there today.

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