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Locke’s treatises are sometimes called “the gospel” behind the Declaration of Independence. In my other post I feel I left it too vague exactly as to how he “changed nature” as a “Baconian criminal”. So we will pursue that here, in further (dis)honor of the holiday.

The same people who think the Copernican revolution refutes the ancient Greeks don’t believe it’s possible for another type of Copernican revolution to refute the Hebrews. We at least try to sketch a blueprint for the latter here.

The speculation in question is a “doozy” if true, beyond most. The scholar in question tries to argue that Locke’s theories are fundamentally Jewish

If my thesis is correct, it would mean… that the seventeenth century’s break with the past was far less complete than generally assumed

He calls it “political Hebraism”. In other words, the Founders possibly weren’t “founding” anything but rather continuing the tradition found in the Old Testament that was creatively interpreted by Locke.

Keep in mind that numerous historians have pointed out that the wording between the Declaration of Independence and Locke’s Two Treatises on Government is so similar that we should just admit that Jefferson basically “copied” Locke.

The next question from there is, Was Locke himself copying anyone?

Maybe I’ll just throw in here that Locke lived smack-dab in the middle of the time Sabbatai declared himself messiah. This connection is a mere speculation for now- Locke’s reliance on the Torah during this time is not a speculation. Suffice it to say, Zevi’ism was in the air when he wrote these treatises.

Great questions

How dumb can the “dumb goy” get? I’m more amazed everyday. First suspicions- was Locke bribed? Was he a “mason” of some sort? Or did he have any particularly noséd “friends”? Leaving those an open question for now. This could possibly be the solution to the mystery of the zeitgeist.

What sorts of clues do people find that they aren’t able to talk about? Reading me alone over the years, just random googling they do, what clues must they have turned up? And have to remain a secret? This is frustrating.

“NO, we don’t care about any of this, we just want to live in the pleasant delusions the Jews give us and for you to burn in hellfire!” I’m glad you admit it at least instead of making it about something else with smoke and mirrors.

This clueless yid thinks this is a compliment to the jews

Duginists are laughing about this one.

Try not to think of the “Antichrist” when you read the following

Connate to this new reading is an appreciation of the independent nature of the Hebrew teachings, which were outside the realm of Christological contextualization and, at times, markedly different or even in stark opposition to it.

Why is America the Great Satan? I’ve been trying to figure that out, and maybe Heisman’s Norman/Saxon theory isn’t the full picture.

So recall Pico della Mirandola again. This is an English version of him- Locke was the introduction of Judaism into North American politics.

Did the demiurge travel over not only in ships but in ideas as well? Spooky stuff if you really do believe in the Antichrist.

Let’s just re-formalize again- the reason the fields of study I deal with are so impossible, so non-existent is because you’re scrutinizing the ones who “shepherd” over the malignant delusions of the majority. Neither the shepherds or the sheep want such fields of study to exist.

You know you don’t have to be morbidly obese to be morbidly obese in a spiritual sense? That’s where “healthy looking” Americans are now. The stereotype applies to them too, it’s just more subtle to see. HEY FATTY! Why do you have four chins? Why do you roll around in an electrical wheelchair?

We’re trying to determine the true reasons for this.

The more I think about it… the ideas of “rights” and “equality” seem more jewish than anything.

“Give the living embodiment of the demiurge ‘rights’, give the demiurge ‘equality’.” – the recipe for disaster. That’s what those fireworks are celebrating tonight. Hello living person looking at a screen, I also am a living person looking at a screen. It’s possible the Enlightenment made the world evil.

A problem I’ve encountered is that when you talk about the Sitra Ahra, kelipot, niggers, what have you, most people feel guilty and believe you’re talking about them, and thus you are never really speaking about these matters to more than a few people. Is that a “problem” or just Providence, I think probably the latter.

How far does it go? Even Locke’s ostensible “enemy” was “one of them”

“I’m on Team Filmer!” Nice, political Hebraist vs. political Hebraist- THAT’S what the American Independence was about.

The study I’m drawing from is here– just throwing some ideas out there for now. This is another Antiversity PhD “years of study” type of subject.

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