Greetings to a certain caste. Sometimes certain philosophers follow me around and burden me with guilt for not studying them enough, and in the present case that is Hume. We have the theme today of this “general collection of islands” known now as the “UK”. Hume is the one who famously awakened Kant so perhaps there is something more originary there at first glance.

I click a random book of his and the way it begins “says it all” about human physis

The subjects of the Understanding and Passions make a compleat chain of reasoning by themselves; and I was willing to take advantage of this natural division, in order to try the taste of the public. If I have the good fortune to meet with success, I shall proceed to the examination of Morals, Politics, and Criticism; which will compleat this Treatise of Human Nature.

Knowledge begins with the rhetoric of understanding vs. passions, and then proceeds to more dangerous subjects.

Morals, Politics, and Criticism is still stuck behind the wall of passions it seems.

No one has yet solved the problem of conveying “the rhetoric of understanding” to the public. Only after that is it possible to move on to less plebeian subjects like Morals and Politics.

I myself just skip the rhetoric side and attempt to discuss human nature.

“The rhetoric of understanding” – they’re never going to understand that, so might as well just leap over them.

Hume doesn’t really mean this — learn to read genius dissimulation

The approbation of the public I consider as the greatest reward of my labours; but am determined to regard its judgment, whatever it be, as my best instruction.

Regarding it as instructive is out of necessity not out of idealism.

What the public says is not the “best instruction”, it’s only a lowering and an idiotizing.

“And if you mess with the public you will live under a bridge alone.” I have wifi though.

If you read Hume you will see that he speaks more directly than anyone in our “intellectual class”. Academics don’t even TRY to be philosophers like him, it’s just an accepted presupposition going in that being a mind-slave is what you can expect for decades.

When reading people from the history of philosophy you are reading “posthumans” who need to hide, and they still need to hide today.

I only have bitter niggers that read this after I unfurled the telos of rightism. So be it. I was looking for truth and found the truth of niggers everywhere.


the science of man is the-only solid foundation for the other sciences

What is the human being? If you spend your time around living people you will be confused. It’s better to speak with aristocrats from hundreds of years ago.


“CAN YOU JUST GIVE ME THE ANSWER TO IT ALL?” The internet isn’t real. The only people who hear the truth from people like me are a best friend or a wife. Philosophy is more personal than you will find in the books. Have you ever had a best friend before? The way you talk to them isn’t the way you talk on the internet.

Kant ended up ethering Hume after he said the following

So true it is, that however other nations may rival us in poetry, and excel us in some other agreeable arts, the improvements in reason and philosophy can only be owing to a land of toleration and of liberty.

Hume is the way the allied forces WANT to see themselves. The reality from my perspective is that Hume is one of the final thinkers of the allies, and the axis powers took Hume into solar systems he never could have expected.

“Philosophy–human thinking–ended around the year 1800, is that what you’re trying to say?” No it was clearly the year 1888. Besides, I am speaking to someone who condones lobotomy projects so that thinking continues to end. There are no positive incentives for questioning the jews and their golems. Even Schopenhauer had a position in a university. In our time if you are similar to Schopenhauer you either need to shut up or deal with being un-personed in a dozen ways. So I toast to you, and recommend Hume as a way of seeing this, amidst the anti-philosophy spirit that is so present in our time.

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