Scruton on opera and music is insightful, and I never thought til now to look for his ideas about paintings.

Here is him on art in general

It says: “Look at this, listen to this, study this – for here is something more important than you.” … Through beauty, art cleans the world of our self-obsession.

As an aesthetician Scruton himself is an artist in my opinion. You may have not heard of him before because he is a representative of Geburah.

He thinks there’s hidden meaning in Corot’s landscapes, Cezanne’s apples, and Van Gogh’s unlaced boots. I wonder what a KELIPOT SHELL would say about some of the classic paintings.

If we look at the true apostles of beauty in our time… we are immediately struck by the immense hard work, the studious isolation, and the attention to detail which have characterised their craft. In art, beauty has to be won and the work is harder as the surrounding idiocy grows. 

If you think of the obvious example of Hollywood, I don’t really see much hard work going on there. Not in the realm of thinking at least. Certainly they put in a lot of effort in the superficial things. The state of our culture, I don’t expect to be “moved” by any movie released in the next ten years. They don’t have to put any real thought into their screenplays because their audience doesn’t demand it of them. Or what’s good on youtube? Non-institutional people don’t have the excuse of needing to appeal to the masses. And yet what is there? While I probably sound like a jerk I think I’m expressing a perceived emptiness that many people feel. News sites are dull, social media is dull, it’s all only tolerated because there’s nothing else. Lately I’ve been studying someone who wrote 2300 years ago because the modern world is so dull! People wouldn’t even know if they had “higher faculties” because nothing in our cultural environment is there for them to find themselves through. And before a Marxist says “Join us theorists for that!” you are the problem yourself, you are the very garbage art on the plane of philosophy that is in question. No hard work, not in the realm of thinking. No discipline or sacrifice, typical fatfuck americans in most cases. So I request for the 20th time, to keep the word philosophy out of your mouth.

Scruton is giving me such pessimistic laughs

such works shone a light in the totalitarian darkness, and showed love in the midst of destruction

No, I’m just being a baby, some things like this exist in the current year. I’m just an idealist and yearn for a light that ultimately destroys the totalitarian darkness. “I’M the light, I did that!” Maybe. There’s also a good chance you’re part of the totalitarian darkness.

People in general just seem like they’re “lowkey” miserable. There must be a way for them to be happier. I think there is. And it starts with regime-change. Does that require the extremism of the gas chamber? I don’t think so, we just need to “repaint” the egregore, fix some of the flaws that have been noticed over the last close to 80 years. That’s the bare minimum one would expect for the living to have a sense of dignity in the future.

The kelipot shell needs to be silent, doesn’t it? “There IS no totalitarian darkness, there is no misery, there is no low-effort garbage art everywhere that makes people feel empty, and it ISN’T ALL THE JEWS’ FAULT.” I would never say that, do you take me for an antisemite or something? The more the jews stay in denial the more the thought of the gas chamber sounds like a good idea.

Scruton is well-aware of many of the things I speak of here, even if he seems rather naive about the JQ and Norman Question, i.e. he’s an Englishman who’s part of the continental tradition of philosophy. The death of God for instance. That is why he is an aesthetician in the first place. He understood Wagner’s observation that art is the last vestige of God in the world left for us after Christianity disappeared. Next, if art disappears, there’s nothing there. It’s the final eclipse of the spirit.

Do you know the old expression “heathens”? The heathens are already here. There’s only a minority consciousness that knows what they are.

This process occurs in the realm of culture

60 years of this – are you so sure you’re able to see clearly yourself?

Learn to spot the 100 signs of cope. The gremlins will make excuses for the inversion of values. It’s because they secretly have rotten souls and want the world to be like them. this is virtually ANY KIKE. And it starts with them, moving to the hapless cattle who simply believe what they’re told.

I’m not a Christian myself, I just think I understand Christianity and have gone beyond it. Jews are still at a point where they don’t understand it and only delude themselves that they’ve gone beyond it. This is 2000 years of backwardness that you witness in the typical “jewish personality” of today. They want everyone to be mud like them because they’re bitter they believed in a false revelation for centuries.

I think I struck a nerve the other day when I said that jews identify with third-worlders. IS IT TRUE, NIGGER? I think it is. Only someone with the “mind” of a third-worlder would keep the bribes so strict that any talk of this is not allowed. You kikes missed the Christianity boat, and most of us Euros are already living in a future of consciousness you couldn’t possibly understand. You rig the game to lower us back down to your primitive level. What a nigger, who would feel sad if they heard a bunch of jews were murdered?

War is art. The only beauty that matters today is the starting of a war. That’s the only painting I want to look at.

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