I strive to write as if no one is watching me.

I crawl through a desert as a new form of Sisyphus everyday

What do I care about?

It’s only God

Human opinions, even if they’re three billion opinions, are nothing next to that.

There is nothing I am moving toward, the moving itself is the aim.

I love God!

Any suffering and humiliation are caused by people who don’t love God.

I will crawl through this desert, mocking them all the way.

There’s a “monastery” for people like me on the horizon.

I can see it now. In fact I can’t, so I try to create it. It takes an exile to know an exile.

The non-exile church exiles against the exiles

“Someone like you will be a monkey in fifty years and no one ever did anything to stop it, so what does that say?” They weren’t people willing to abandon sick society.

I am not here for any purpose, it’s only to do what is right.

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