Following the suggestions from Strauss’s letters, here is Lessing on what led him to write a play of his performed in 1754, the first time a jew was depicted as a hero on a German stage

It was the result of a very serious meditation on the disgraceful oppression under which a whole people must sigh, a people whom a Christian, or so I would think, cannot regard without a kind of respect. From this people, I thought, so many heroes and prophets have arisen in earlier times, and today people doubt that an honest man could be found among them?

Why the world is so messed up today. Things like this. Because of psyops like Lessing’s here Everyperson writes like him about this dishonest people. Not to sound cruel, it just doesn’t seem like an exaggeration to make the sweeping statement that they’re all dishonest. You only perceive it as cruel because of people like Lessing, one of the brains behind the “Enlightenment” and “tolerance”. He actually wrote quite a revealing dialogue on freemasonry too, coincidentally or not.

“They’re not a dishonest people!” It’s not only that they’re a dishonest people, they’re dishonest and proud of it. Dishonest, proud of it, and secretive about how they are proud of it. Don’t be a goy who sucks at psychology.

Lessing was a rebel. He was surrounded with expectations to be a Lutheran pastor and he went into theatre instead to spite conventions. If you recall my post from a while back about the pre French Revolution, theatre didn’t always have the reputation it has today. It wasn’t until around 1800 that it began to be seen as a not unholy place. Before that, theatre was perceived as a place where the base passions were put on display. No respectable person in society would ever admit to being friends with an actor. It was no different in Lessing’s Germany than pre-revolutionary France, and this is the context his philosemitic plays were performed in.

In the eighteenth century most of European society harbored a prejudice against theatre as an immoral activity

In Germany, as in France, the stage was used as a certain “coup from within”. The way the above quote is phrased is a product of this coup- “prejudices” were turned upside down in the theatre. Anything that is conventional is now a “prejudice”. Accurately observing that jews are a dishonest people is now a “prejudice”.

If you know how to read pro-Enlightenment phrased odes to thinkers like Lessing it looks like a parody

Neither jews or their golems have any “honor” today, and they don’t care to have any.

The Regression of the Castes preceded the anti-racism, anti-sexism, and philosemitism of today. Only plebs would believe in such things. The castes had to first be leveled in order to create the soil for progressivism broadly speaking to take root.

Lessing’s contemporary is right here

Jew-headed progressivism is just eunuchdom. Racism and sexism didn’t go away- one race leads a collection of women. Who can accept the brute facts of Realpolitik?

Garsh miss, yer purdy!

And then of course the egregore keeps all the jews’ testicles in its own jar.

I would let a nazi wife keep ONE of my testicles in a jar. For the time being I’m enjoying being a bachelor. In two senses too. In the usual sense, and in the sense that I’m not a jews’ whore. Many men are utterly robbed of autonomy on a double-front by both jews and women.

This is because they’ve fallen for the psyop of ~prejudice~.

Just continuing with the genealogy here

These two were best friends. Lessing’s play Nathan the Wise might as well be titled Mendelssohn the Wise.

This “first modern jew” Mendelssohn had a hunchback, and he wasn’t too fond of all the prejudice against it. If you learn to see any bioleninist as a “Quasimodo” you’ll have a better idea of what’s going on in the world. Any Irish that identifies with loincloth Africans, any used-up skank, they all secretly feel like a spiritual hunchback. And they’re MAD.

I suspect Strauss is similar and that’s why he was an admirer of Lessing

If you look carefully, much “Straussianism” is the concerted erosion of white, Christian society. It’s Jewish in that it’s atheistic, which really means anti-Christian, which really means anti white people. Which really means pro-Quasimodo. Uh oh!

Zero people will admit any of this. That’s my favorite thing to write about, what people won’t admit.

Look at this phenomenon with a cynical glance

It’s a worldwide play that beautifies the exile mental illness international banking cartel.

All the wretched ones look upon this favorably because it makes their ruling-caste look good, and their ruling-caste makes THEM look good. Try to accept what’s really going on in the west.

This is so programmatic for the mind of the golem


“reward” just means bribe for tolerating kikery, obfuscating kikery, promoting kikery. Lots of “rewards” like this in today’s world.

Keep in mind Badiou’s estimation of theatre. He’s probably on to something when he ranks it as thee truth-producing art par excellence. Impressionable people would leave the theatre as instant philosemites and haters of antisemites.

How good are you at remembering names, anon?

Further research is needed to determine if there’s any connection between “Nathan the Wise” and… Nathan of Gaza…

After his meeting with Eybeschutz, Mendelssohn began to be regarded as the “unquestioned representative of a nonrabbinical Jewish intellectual elite”.

Where do the true origins of secularism lie? What is the secret foundation of modernity?

Did Mendelssohn pull a Zevi and descend into the kelipot? And use the unwitting dupe Lessing as his German mouthpiece?

(((Masons))) and Sabbateans at the origin of the decline euphemistically dubbed as “modernity”

Just some teases for now, some of these avenues I sketch out demand possibly years of study

They say that some reached the same conclusions via the study of Lessing and Mendelssohn that their fathers had reached by the study of the Zohar.

Scholem himself in his infamous essay “Redemption Through Sin” says that the School of Mendelssohn found ready recruits from the Sabbatean circles.

Like I said, there’s not much literature on Lessing out there. This can get pretty intense- he was a hero of the German enlightenment- Goethe oversaw a performance of a version of Nathan the Wise for instance. The destruction of society happens in the subtlest ways, and not all at once.

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