In Bjerknes’ latest four volume series he tries to make the case that rather than jews committing “deicide” by killing Jesus, it was Jesus who committed deicide by killing the pagan gods, in service of the jews

Jesus stomps on severed Gentile heads to press out their blood, which is the soul, and gathers it in a vat for Yahweh to drink.

Not a bad statement to start the morning off with, right?

I think a religion of transcendence is possible without needing the particular nature of Jesus.

Bjerknes posits Apollo, Pan, and Phanes, among others, as gods that are more indigenous to europeoples and less connected with the jew virus.

It reminds me of Gadamer’s rundown on Heidegger’s relation to Hegel- the latter “will always be with us” in the sense that a loved one who passed away will always be with us. THAT is the sense in which the Hegelian system hasn’t collapsed. I see Jesus similarly. Yeah, you’ll always be with us, as someone who has passed away. Jesus is not a god that is designed to effectively protect us from predators. Maybe if I see some Orthodox countries start physically removing the living embodiments of the demiurge I will change my mind that Christians are inherently too “meek” to deal with evil.

So if you want to join me, I’m going back to the drawing-boards. A first instinct some might have is to resuscitate Thor, some type of frenzied juggernaut, a warrior god-man like Achilles, and I think in our age of advanced warfare this is kneejerk, because charging in bravely with a weapon today you’ll just get droned into meat chunks, so I think it’s more prudent to err on the side of Odyssean cleverness.

Would you say cleverness is one of Jesus’s qualities? Sounds kind of funny trying to apply that to him, doesn’t it? So Bjerknes might have a point that he stomps on severed goy heads.

I think, for starters, the new god should incorporate the basics of the Nicomachean Ethics

Here is Bjerknes’ (somewhat schizo) rendition of the jew-euro dynamic known as “globalization”

Shezmu (Satan/Jesus) slaughters the other gods and human beings, cooks them, and then feeds them to his master Unas (Yahweh). Yahweh is correspondingly a jealous god who murders all the other gods and demands that humanity fear him, feed him sacrifices, give him their obedience and exclusively worship him.

He elaborates a theory that what we know of as “Exodus” was the jews appropriating the Egyptian gods Unas and Shezmu, renaming them, self-styling them, and propagating Shezmu as Jesus to the Romans in order to decimate the pagan gods which more effectively resisted them.

You might have noticed that “Bjerknes” is a Norwegian-sounding name, so I think he might have in mind the Northern pantheon more than anything, even if he tends to speak of the Greek gods as preferable substitutions for Christianity.

When zoomers say on god, that’s bussin, for real for real, they don’t sound cool to me, they sound like NIGGERS. This is Jesus stomping the severed heads of the goyim, cladistically speaking, in a new secular context. A country that allows itself to be engulfed by a wave of mud that blots out the sun from the southern border definitely has a failure-religion behind it. I’m going to have to blame the meek Jesus crying on the cross and crapping his loincloth.

Anyway keep in mind that Bjerknes isn’t inventing his theories out of thin air, I’ve showed from his previous texts that he draws from primary sources, and is the closest thing to a “Kabbalah expert” the goyim world knows

Nice full belly

We’re getting quite far away from “exotericism” here

Bjerknes is the most creative antisemite alive today, someone with a 3000 page book on Einstein, so I don’t really mind when he gets wild sometimes. Wild esotericism is preferable to mild exotericism. It’s GLOBALISTS who want CONTROL – yeah that’s real 8-bit.

I’m postulating a synthetic god-man of the future, one that sublates Jesus and integrates the virtues of Jesus as well as those of other divinities of the past.

A glimpse at Bjerknes’ erudition (this is the second of four volumes in this particular series)

Hate to sound like an American but as things stand now I think Christianity should be examined for its pragmatic qualities. Its centuries of history with europeoples is not something to take lightly. The new religion that I’m speaking of lacks such a solid foundation by necessity. The tradition of generations of churchgoing is one of Christianity’s strengths. That’s not something a new religion can replicate overnight, obviously.

We’re just in the workshop here, pure speculation mode. An “art religion” isn’t enough, returning to Christianity isn’t enough. Zeusism and Odinism are LARPs.

An artistic synthesis of the divinities seems feasible, theoretically.

Your severed heads are being stomped as we speak. Not even “priest types” like me can avoid that process. Hovering at the periphery of it doesn’t make us immune. So the question arises- What to be done?

I know I’m only speaking to a niche group of people with all this. Usually it’s a sign of sound instincts in our fallen time to be a Christian. There are merits to it that I don’t deny, I just think we can ratchet it a step further.

Take Bjerknes’ historiography how you will, I’m sympathetic to the general idea of it myself

Something has to explain why Christian and formerly-Christian countries are all zogged hellholes that no one sane would want to live in. One almost has to DEDUCE that the jew named Jesus is at least partly responsible.

Is it going all according to plan?

The severed goyim heads are being stomped and it’s seemingly impossible to stop it. Anyone who even talks about these things is hated by the goyim themselves, let alone by the jews. Looks like you’re royally screwed, goys.

Something has to explain why europeoples are mostly a bunch of sad niggers, to put it frankly. What else is there to explain it besides the religion they’ve had for centuries?

I’ve definitely seen this phenomenon over and over again among the euroniggers throughout the years

While a lot of this probably seems “out there” I think Bjerknes has the right idea in general, and it’s better for one’s “salvation” to read him rather than any of the christbloods or kikebloods. He’s the “above the Ein Soph” perspective, if you will.

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