This is from the banquet speech Agnon gave after he won the Nobel prize

This is the novelist Scholem referred to as a “Jews’ Jew” and who worked closely with Buber in collecting folk tales of the Hasidim. And this is who he says he is at this momentous ceremony.

Suetonius begins his history The Lives of the Caesars by describing Titus as “the delight and darling of the human race”. I think you know where I’m going with this post. He sacked Jerusalem on his daughter’s birthday, what a present.

The eruption of Vesuvius occurred during the reign of Titus. The jews called it the revenge of god for the destruction of their temple.

Josephus is another ancient historian with information about Titus. He records fragments of a speech he gave prior to capturing Jerusalem

Wars are not won with huge masses of men, even if bellicose, but with valor

I just like to mess with jewesses.

Jerusalem at that time had a triple defensive wall.

The jew Josephus was an eyewitness to these events

In this battle a Jew was taken prisoner, and Titus ordered him to be crucified in front of the walls to generate terror in front of the others and force them to surrender

Would a Christian do such a thing? No. And crucifixions are what is needed. Not turning the other cheek and loving your enemies.

Josephus reports that Titus alone shot down twelve jews from the wall with arrows.

Italians and jews go way back, have lot of fond memories together, that you might even say linger to this day

designed a new and monumental Rome, using in no uncertain terms the treasures from Judea. Think first of all of the Flavian Amphitheater

It was gold pilfered through usury that was “stolen” anyway. And they worshiped a false idol in that second temple, a shekel-god.

grandiose was the triumph that Titus had in Rome, on his return from Jerusalem. A procession of slaves, prisoners of war but, above all, treasures upon treasures that were used to ornament the city

Thanks, jews!

How did this burn into their memory for so long such that Agnon identifies with the event in his Nobel prize speech?

 the last of the spoils was the table with the Laws of God

What did they do with that, flip it upside-down and make it part of the sidewalk?

It really did make them a cursed, ungodly people, so the following is probably true

The sacral center of Jewish monotheism was thus canceled forever

Titus could play the harp, so I bet he was playing it that night. The melody of that filled his ears as the defiant jews he led in chains into Rome were being tortured in a dungeon, screaming out of earshot.

It wasn’t an overnight siege though, it lasted four months. More than a million people died.

Don’t worry, nothing like this can happen on the internet. It’s not possible for a jew to scream in a dungeon from the internet, fortunately.

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