Believe it or not there are a handful of H books I haven’t clicked yet (there are just too many) – this looks like how I want to spend the warm months

That summer must have been euphoric.

We shouldn’t even want to have a “1933” unless we know the fundamental question of philosophy, AND the answer. Otherwise one’s political movement is a body without a head. And then how are you different from most people in the world? Only a special cause should motivate any political movement. Not one rooted in illusion or superstition or superficiality.

It should be a higher reason than this

is it the product of the accidental needs of some age?

Our age is just too tranquilized and numb for what is required

an actual urgency and a highest necessity must first assail us and drive us to the renewed asking of the fundamental question.

He says it isn’t for the sake of getting “cultured” or “cultivated” either. It’s because you NEED TO KNOW, simply.

The urgency of prewar/interwar H does rub off on one, I do have to say. That’s something else that’s missing from Being and Time.

He believes the fundamental question is necessary to ask in order to be a great, history-building people.

Returning to my first post today, the question What is to be done? New Religion, the institution of the ideal of the Renaissance Man, the imperative to be a history-building people. This is my provisional answer, for now.

Strangely enough, this is the first time I’ve seen H philologically break down the word “philosophy” itself (and of course give his idosyncratic definitions of the Greek).


A σοφός is one who can taste, who has the right taste for what is worthy in things, who can select in advance, set limits and keep within them; who, in short, can catch the right scent and reach out to the essence of things. φίλος, φιλία means inclination, the passion of pressing toward something, staying with it, staying true to it, and protecting it. Philosophy—the passion of pressing forward and catching the scent that reaches the essence of things: the ceaseless questioning struggle over the essence and Being of beings.

Sounds like a mad dog that would do that. φιλοσοφία-enthusiasts might as well be mad dogs, we don’t have control of it. You smell the scent and you need to follow it.

When a culture is numb like ours it doesn’t mean those scents aren’t in the air, it’s just that they whistle by unnoticed. Or to paraphrase Heraclitus, how COULDN’T one notice the Signs? They’re everywhere. People must be bred to be like those pug dogs, without a sense of smell, and just to sit there harmless, ugly-cute.

This is important

science is a subordinate mode of philosophy, if by science one understands, as is usual, the theoretical observation of and research into a particular region of beings. Philosophy has no particular region, but is concerned with all beings. And it does not observe and carry out research with a view to justifying a set of end results.

This will deter most people. Let me put it this way- it’s not that there aren’t results, it’s that if you proceed from the attitude of searching for results you will not obtain optimal results. Example- new religion, renaissance men, history-building people. This is not an ideal you’re going to determine if you’re thinking about what results society will give you. You need to not care what they demand of you, because their demands are so low, and thus lowness is the only result you will seek. When I open an H book I’m not thinking “What will this get me?”, I’m thinking “What truth will I discover in this?” Most of what passes for philosophy today is sadly “science” in the above sense–muzzled dogs. That’s the kind of dog that gets belly rubs in Idiocracy so I repeat- with all of this said, it will still deter most people.

The title of these courses is making me laugh now. Being and Truth. Why click something so generic? Well, that’s what I want to know, being and truth.

That phrase “souls without longing” is a Shakespearian spin isn’t it?

They’re too content with Weimar to feel this

the attack must strike that highest position of the entire history

H and I are neechbots who apply the blueprint to our particular time-place.

Look what it is for H

We should envy him. Needless to say, in summertime 1933 Deutschland he didn’t have the same egregore-matrix that urgently needed to be attacked and hacked.

Replace the word “Hegel” with “the Jew” and you get the idea.

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