We’ve been getting into some serious matters here lately that probably are mistaken for pedantry or “being a nerd” or something like that. The question is whether humanity will live in truth in the future. There are complicated ways of understanding this that presuppose a familiarity with a chain of thinkers. The problem is, if the Enlightenment is put into question (in an honest way) most of your interlocutors will be eliminated, because that action kills them. That is why I try to make this place exclusive, to avoid the burden of the ghosts that were killed from being somewhere they were explicitly told to leave many years ago. We won’t be so lucky, they will linger here. You can’t play with the boys here, it’s time to go paint some glitter on your toenails like you’re good at. Then, what do brown people do, complain about white people? Okay, time to go now.

even Kant was unable to awaken the fundamental question of philosophy in its originary power and develop it in its dangerous scope. The ancient world and ancient Dasein remained closed to him. The whole field of Kant’s questioning is dominated by the Christian conceptual world… Western philosophy becomes un-Greek and remains so, explicitly or not, until Nietzsche.

So if you’re one of those “anti christian” people, whether you’re a prog or a jew, you’re not the kind of person that’s being spoken to here. There’s a cheap and lazy way of going about being anti-Christian, and this is what most people are- progs, jews, different species of nigger.

Christianity should be scrutinized free of ressentiment, and I’ve rarely seen a prog or jew be able to do that. If these fallen souls cannot face Christianity without making excuses they have no chance in the world of facing the Greeks without making excuses.

So I am here to discuss with the GENTLEMEN the idea that H is right with what he surmises above, and that he FURTHERS Nietzsche, AND that due to political pressures, no one is able to adequately appreciate that in the present day.

In other words, the Greeks were smothered until Nietzsche, Heidegger was able to shine more light on them from there, and not too many years after that, the Jerusalemites took control of “what Knowledge means” once again.

Progs and jews live in an artificial, dimly lit room, a fluorescent box we could call it. It relies on a glaringly bright contrived light in order to hide that it is dimly lit. This is the “frenetic system of control” that they have.

In an ideal world, Christianity would be used to guide a particular soul to the Greeks. This is a role of the priest, to select certain people from the flock who are capable of that. In our world, the jaded side of Jerusalem has used cynical financial schemes to commandeer the priest role and uses it to make Christianity itself seem archaic. The reality is that, without it ZERO souls will be able to be led to the Greeks.

Without Christianity most people are done for. They’re just subhumans. The conniving jews give them the illusion it’s something even beyond human to reject Christianity. From a priest perspective, Christianity is a pedagogical method. It keeps the sheep in the amount of truth they can handle without risking them losing their souls in hellfire. The jews want to bring everyone into hellfire with them. This is out of revenge for the exile that they thoroughly deserved.

No Christianity, no Greeks. No Christianity, no basic humanity at all, let alone Greeks. No pedagogical semi-truth structure and you’re just niggers that might as well be animals. If you’re in such a state you will never be able to get to Nietzsche’s or Heidegger’s levels.

And imagine how those of us who see H as “old grandpa” see the kike-spawn that can’t even understand the level of Christianity. It’s not pretty.

“Well guess what, anything that isn’t me being a jews’ nigger where nothing matters is the real hellfire.” And that’s why I said that this is no place for you. I am spiritually Greek myself, and you don’t even understand Christianity. I’m talking to an animal!

And happily, I’m probably also talking to gentlemen. I want you to be aware that this is the reason this hyper-Greek H paradigm-shift isn’t spoken of anywhere. It’s the animals controlled by jews who can’t even understand Christianity. They will surround you if you talk about it. That’s why. And it’s real. It’s a level of truth future humanity will probably not have access to.

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