Too many nooks and crannies to all this!

the third phase of Heidegger’s Aristotle interpretation, one occasioned by reflection on art… concerns the very essence of Heidegger’s Aristotle interpretation

Artists are my favorite plaything. You don’t know what you got yourself into, do you. Fifty shades of prey. Finally an allusion to the one book you probably have read.

I used to be obsessed with the philosophy of science a decade ago and I’ve gradually realized that philosophy and art are closer counterparts. Science doesn’t really affect Everyperson the way art does, the latter being everywhere, and no one recognizing it AS art. So it’s important to know what the essence of art IS.

“Don’t tell me what it is, I know what it is, and first of all, you’re MY prey.” The dynamic IS closer to something out of the “animal kingdom” than one would expect. Nah, there will be no “prey” here, this is just aesthetics.

it is necessary to apprehend what the work of art is, or, better, what it does… in order to apprehend the specificity of artistic creation as distinct from mere making.

Aren’t many things made? Everything that is made couldn’t be called art. You can make a winter coat and hang it on a wall and it isn’t the same as a painting hanging on a wall.

the work of art announces itself… The fact of the being-there of the artwork presents itself as such… and which seems, first of all, to isolate it from all other beings.

It’s a world unto itself, it’s distinct from the world one finds oneself in. It’s a different world from the world the coat is in. It’s a portal to a different world.

“If I MAKE a cake, THAT’S a portal to a different world.” Attend to the experience of eating cake- you are not cognitively transported to a different world.

We take it for granted. If you pass a screen with a TV show on it, that’s not OUR world that’s on there. It IS a world though.

Artists seem like some kind of sorcerers when you think of them this way, as creators of worlds… They pull you into the portal of the world they create, and YOU live in it.

How could a sorcerer possibly be “prey”? Oh wait I forgot I decided to stop talking about it like that.

“I’ll take YOU into the world I create, and you will be MY prey…” I thought we weren’t going to talk about it that way.

You’re in my world right now, aren’t you.

What could happen to you here? ANYTHING. WATCH OUT!

This is aesthetics anyway, aesthetics isn’t art.

Even if you talk in line-breaks like this, right? Then there’s nothing to “watch out” for.

Aesthetics isn’t a portal into a world where you can be kidnapped, or strangled from behind.

There’s a clear difference between aesthetics and art.

One is about reality, the other is a replica of reality. They’re both portals into different worlds though, right?

I told you you’re my plaything.

Anyway, ANYTHING is possible when an artwork makes you stop. When you’re taken into its portal. What happens to you in that world? It IS “you” isn’t it? YOU go there.

Can you get all twisted up there? What if your stomach twists like a braid? Does that ever happen in any sorcerer portals?

Something happens in those portals. And when you return to the “real world” sometimes you aren’t the same.

Like I said, art is everywhere. Portals are everywhere. People don’t realize they go into those portals.

Art is almost like a hallucination. It’s like a momentary delusion. It is a representation of reality that is taken for reality.

When art “changes you” that means that representation of reality was created into an actual reality.

This is why I prey on artists. People can emerge from certain portals as worse people.

Everything isn’t a painting of a meadow. In some portals people are “mugged” and “brainwashed”. When they return to reality they have questionable characteristics and beliefs.

All this to say that people tend to have a real fuzzy understanding of what the essence of art is, and they’ve been experiencing it all their lives. If you don’t understand something then you don’t understand how it affects you.

Schiller is right that human beings are fundamentally aesthetic beings. The main reason “everyone is in on it” is because they were mugged in those portals without realizing it, since they were children.

“What do you mean in on it, in on what?” Leveling, the destruction of God. Being is nous, mind. In on the destruction of mind. Because their souls were rearranged in those portals. By the sorcerers. The ones I prey on.

That is “philosophy” and “art” – I hope you enjoyed this painting.

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