Nothing racist about this

This is from the intro to a book by that Schmitt disciple. Uh yeah the evil guys have a specialty in -checks notes- grasping the concept of “concept”.

Introducing the krauts to Americans is like teaching those uncontacted Brazilian tribes about indoor plumbing.

If you’ve grasped the concept of anti-intellectuals winning wars that will be the first step on your path toward grasping the concept as such. I hope you feel safe in this portal, I make sure no strangulations happen on my watch.

Anyway, I think Koselleck is a “sneaky one”

There are many similar formal criteria concerning historical (historisch) acting and suffering, which are basically “timeless” across history and serve to unlock history (Geschichte). I am thinking of such criteria as: “master and servant”; “friend and foe”; the heterogony of purposes; the shifting relations of time and space with regard to units of action and potential power; and the anthropological substratum for generational change in politics.

Ey fo’, wuddup fo’? Koselleck is a foe. He studies the concept of history in order to affect a generational change in politics.

With enough of a “high definition photograph” of anthropology one could possibly “time” when this generational change will take place.

Are there people who already live on both sides of the generational change? There seems to be. From within the cage they watch themselves have a “conversation” outside of the cage. Now THAT’S schizophrenia.

It’s inevitable that it happens. The wounds heal, the trauma relaxes, and the next generation is ready for a less emotional belief-system.

Wouldn’t it be “hilarious” if a kraut took it upon himself to make a science of this? Wouldn’t that be “precious”?

When will the humans be free from the cage? Not a bad question to try to deduce from the study of trends in the social sciences and history.

Koselleck shows how Kant believes in the faculty of anticipation

Even if Koselleck does have a prediction I doubt he’s going to say it forthrightly, because remember, he was writing from the most hyperzogged place on the planet, Krautland.

Totally not something an alien species would be doing in its cell.

“We are you in the future.”

I’m definitely not implying anything like this whenever I talk about the Germans..

Let’s just see what Koselleck has to say about the form of time, if not the contents

there are different velocities of change… there are different layers of the tempos of change… prognoses are only possible because there are formal structures in history that are themselves repeated, even while their concrete content is unique in each case


Well he says extralegal violence can accelerate it.

The word revolution is from the Latin revolutio which already contains within it ideas of repetition and even cyclical movement. I.e. revolutions themselves revolve, return.

Revolution is just an exceptional case though, like war. There are also ways to make prognoses assuming everything remains ordinary.

Remember this is the disciple of the Crown Jurist of the Third Reich talking about these things. He lived until 2006, and had numerous students himself.

There must be visual Koselleckian charts on the krautnet somewhere?

They kept this theorist well-hidden from me for a while. When will my caste be free from monkeyprison? “NEVER!!!!” I mean, if we’re even having this conversation it’s already a ominous sign for your “people” aka niggers.

“gasp! It’s all real! I’m involved in a conspiracy of retard-animals!”

Whoa, I didn’t know human-shaped dirt was able to have epiphanies, bravo to you.

What are we to do with these wailing babushkas and the ones who love them?

Read more about Koselleck’s theories here. He doesn’t seem like a “soothsayer” or something like that. He’s a scientist of history. That’s the meaning of “concept” in this context.

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