Chains of initiation

This Kondylis appears to be an overwhelmingly erudite fellow at first glance. I’ll just hit you with details about him as I learn them. An eccentric that was repulsed by academic philosophy. A Greek who wrote in German. It makes me chuckle that I’m always on the lookout for “misfits”. Is this such a one?

This makes him enticing

I had to sort through a few pseudo-Schmittians before I found this one. I clicked a book by one historiographer and the epigraph was literally a Baal Shem Tov anecdote. Tell me you’re a broken slave without telling me you’re a broken slave.

Whereas on this site containing the writings of Kondylis I find..

He has a whole book on Schmitt’s “decisionism”. When he died early Koselleck gave a speech summarizing his ideas here. Many of his writings can be found on this odd site.

Why is this important? Because Schmittians write Realpolitik like no others. Kondylis situates himself more broadly in the tradition of Thucydides.

Random example I see without much effort

the original communistic ideal of a classless society was actually realised as a caricature… in Western mass democracies… “cultural Marxism” can be seen at least in part as representing an “ideological vanguard” and justification of Western mass democracy (under American imperialism) as caricature of communism

Omfg this is making me laugh – from another context – read it in light of the above

There is no reason not to kill oneself, but it is nevertheless interesting to follow the intellectual debates of the past and present.

Do you want realism or not?

Zooming out, what I’m often doing here is attempting to build a counter-canon. Just a glance at this guy and he seems prime material for candidacy.

So carrying on, he also has a book on the idea that “conservatism” isn’t a reactionary phenomenon that emerged from the French Revolution but was rather the worldview of the nobility as far back as the middle ages. Reminds me of Henri de Boulainvilliers (I love to say that name out loud.)

Finding Kondylis feels like a Christmas present. He was born in Olympia of all places.

He writes Begriffsgeschichte (conceptual history) following Koselleck

This is from a book on planetary politics after the cold war.

Click here and ctrl+f “Schmitt” to see how Kondylis expands on and departs from his thought. The translator of these texts is explicitly politically incorrect. Sorry, would you prefer that historiographer that begins his study with a Baal Shem Tov anecdote?

Speaking of chains of initiation, why stop at Kondylis? Here is the translator’s page. He has thoughts of his own. He’s a proud Greek himself.

He’s an eccentric himself- you can see the Schmitt there throughout though

You are an Anti-Semite, Sir! … – And you are a PhiloSemite, Pro-Zionist, Anti-Hellene, Animal!

PhiloSemite = Anti-Hellene…

A question no one will answer

why wouldn’t a non-Semite be anti-semitic, when a pro-Semite is anti-gentile, if such is the case, and not infrequently is the case?

This is just basic Schmitt, and none of the clowns like Agamben who have appropriated his thought in the academy are ever going to say it.

We live in a culture of self-loathing (unless you’re a jew) and you’ve probably gotten so used to it you don’t realize it anymore.

Just some notes on the addition of an obscure thinker to the Antiversity.

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