Moving from a disciple of a disciple to the disciple Gadamer. In more recent publications than the one I drew on before he goes into more detail about his first meeting with H

It would take a long time before I learned, within the confines of my abilities, to develop in me this phenomenological power of intuition that has almost become unknown nowadays.

Almost? No, it IS unknown now. That’s why I read these dead writers, because they’re better than anyone alive.

What is lacking is phronesis, which can be figuratively translated as “the eye of the soul”. I don’t think there will be any “rubbing the sleep out of” the third-eye, because it is superglued shut.

the bell rang, indicating the end of the session, Heidegger rose up and said: ‘My dear friends, this is conscience [das Gewissen]’, and left.

Gadamer says there’s no “forgetting” in phronesis. The eye of the soul always DOES see.

It only SEEMS sealed shut. On the outside. In reality they do SEE.

Just like how my reader probably DOES SEE the intuitive faculty of these evil Germans. It must be a burden to SEE that.

In conscience there is no forgetting.

Anyway though, Gadamer says there are many differences between the two concepts, phronesis and conscience. Tentatively speaking they are the same.

Phronesis is only one form of aletheia

This is from a great essay on how H derives a political philosophy from Aristotle.

Forgetting (i.e. concealment) is supposed to be more primordial than aletheia so it’s interesting Gadamer says there is no forgetting with phronesis.

Anyway, it’s a question of which mode of “seeing” reveals Being most fully. Aristotle believed it was sophia, H disagreed, arguing for phronesis.

Do you think it is possible to learn how to see? Or better yet, if we always DO see, do you think it’s possible to see THAT we see?

I mean, these thinkers didn’t write so that people would learn nothing. It’s possible to learn how to see.

If you tried to study those Aristotle courses and ran away I suggest you click the essay linked to above- it does exceptional work in parsing them out.

I’ve seen jewesses openly admit and advise people not to think (not to see). Kondylis is right, we’re living in a caricature of communism.

Do you see this?

Everywhere there are convulsions, crises, catastrophes, misery: daily anguish, political chaos, the impotence of science, the undermining of art, the groundlessness of philosophy, the powerlessness of religion.

Amidst all this it is possible to put yourself in the presence of “seers”. A word for them is phronimos, a practically wise man.

It’s like black sludge on everyone

Americanism and communism seemed to seep in everywhere

Not on H.

Who is profound enough for this today!!!!!

Phronetic insight, however, is only possible if we resolutely face the possibility of our own death and accept the destiny that is revealed in the moment of vision.

Ask one of the zombies covered in black sludge to do this.

What I’m getting at with all this detailing of Heidegger and Schmitt is that in their texts there is a legitimate intellectual blueprint for a REAL revolution in America.

Go ahead and vote for another Zionist pig next election, RETARD!

Broken slave that can’t “see”.

H isn’t so different from Schmittian nomos in this

Self-governance depends not on abstract theory but on self-examination and is thus the ground of a new freedom. Heidegger here understands freedom in an essentially Greek fashion as the freedom of the people that arises from giving themselves their own laws

He rooted this in phronesis. Without that it’s not happening. So it’s wise for us to study this way of seeing in particular and determine its true meaning. Later H concluded that besides by facing death phronesis also arises through encounters with poetry.

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