When you know what physis is–or more moderately, have a decent idea of it–you don’t see the point in talking. I imagine some of my readers are this way. This is more flattering than I usually portray you. It’s probably true. It’s a deeply engrained pessimism.

Hermeneutics is about de-sedimenting. I say the above to remind them of this layer of sediment. ARE you that level of pessimist? Physis isn’t going to change, they’re all animals you have to live among. Better just to not talk about it.

Who knows, you might even be on another level than me, usually I’m arrogantly thinking you’re silent because you’re a coward. Are you just a more thorough misanthrope?

Don’t even bother talking in “niggerworld”?

This is probably true in some cases, just not the norm. Like I’ve tried to expound on many times, the ones who decide to be silent more often than not tend to be “in on it”.

My intuition is that part of some of them is misanthropic, the other part is a joyful demiurge-worshiper.

The idea of a “pure misanthrope” would have to be proven to me. And of course it can’t, because these types will be silent, or only “hinty”, and that’s nothing like a “direct statement”. Hints aren’t enough, only direct statements help others escape from niggerworld. Hints are like rubbing neosporin on your forehead after you’re diagnosed with brain cancer.

I for one prefer to be right out in the open about the fact of niggerworld and the unchanging nature of the worthless animals that populate it.

Eventually you realize that taboo word more accurately applies to people of European and Jewish blood.

This is their physis, to be worthless, from any objective standpoint. They can’t help it. Born worthless, they’ll die worthless.

Do you think any of my readers are aware of this and keep silent about it? It is likely. And then we can ask the next question of whether people who are silent like them are also worthless. Because there does seem to be a strong case in favor of that.

All the philosophers I study might as well be retards for their inability to speak about the “being” of the 21st century. What is “reality”? Reality is never-ending eunuchs and shrews that pose as human beings.

Reality is these failures being guided by an ultra-“reactionary” tribe that hasn’t changed one iota since BC times.

That would be fine and good if they were the type of pre-christian that was not neurotically dogmatic. We can ask the question of how jews are so smart and yet so dogmatic. And there seems to be an obvious answer to me. The issue revolves around the idea of “presuppositions”. Revelation is a set of presuppositions. When they DO presuppose those presuppositions they are very talented, very smart. When those presuppositions are questioned however they are out of their element, and do not know what to do. This is the GREEKS. We tilt our head and wonder why you presuppose such and such. You don’t have an answer, so gulag it is for us, since you never questioned the presuppositions of your ethics and thus decided to be immoral and cut-throat your way into economic monopoly.

Zohar-Luria-Zevi-Hasidism-secularism was never a “break” from the Torah. To break from the Torah you’d need Athens. Even the best jews of recent times aren’t able to confront Athens.

Unless you are “silent” out of a more “thoroughgoing misanthropy”. And I highly doubt that is the case with you. Most people in our dead planet are Jerusaleminions.

I do like to think though that there are some who “see” physis, in the pessimistic mode like Wittgenstein perhaps, and know that there is no reason to speak. Why is there no reason? Because this is a world of niggers and not much else.

What we call “commies” only want this worthless world to be 10x more worthless. That’s the telos of Marx’s “presuppositions”.

“You are describing ME in this picture, you need to be erased.” I know… that’s the physis of Niggerworldians…

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