It has arrived

Guess what my dear goy? You are the STAR of this study! Or at least the co-star-

the brain is within the inner part and the shell encircles from outside, and the foolish people pursue it [the shells] and spend their days in vain, and do not merit to sit with the king in his work

I skipped to the chapter on evil in Hasidism. Idel begins it by referring to elitist treatises that are only intended for a small audience. This was translated only in 2020 (isn’t it still 2020?), there’s no PDF of it online, and Tishby has more references in the index than nearly anything (besides Scholem). Remember, Tishby’s thin, 1952 book on evil is considered to be the sole publication on the subject. Or at least it WAS. Until now? Ahhh how I love to be at the forefront of countless subjects in scholarship and still be treated like garbage anyway, it’s “choice”, muah.

Just be untimely they said, it will be a grand old untimely time.

Anyway, late Idel here names this book first, in a list wherein he recommends texts on Hasidism.

Can you imagine that there are probably people reading this post and thinking “This is a SHELL speaking, this is the DEFINITION of a kelipah!” You be the judge. I humbly have a will-to-know, that is all.

So… just to let you know, if you decide to pick up this study of Idel’s- it’s 400 pages of talking about how exactly goyim are niggers. Don’t have any illusions about all the euphemisms that are utilized. That’s the study. You are a nigger and you need to be eliminated from the earth, and here is an elaborate theological-mystical explanation for why. Takes one to know one, really. The difference is that one can be published in Brooklyn and rest unconfiscated on a shelf in a book store. On a shellf I would call it, amidst all the other mental illness justifications the brilliant jews have spawned and institutionalized.

Mid-eighteenth-century Hasidism that emerged in Eastern Europe is a popular revitalist movement, which prima facie, is very remote from the type of complexity evinced by theosophical speculations that characterize Safedian Kabbalists, especially the Lurianic ones.

Yes indeed, and guess who was born in Eastern Europe – one Mr. Moshe Idel. We only have the spawn of the levelers to inform us of the golden years. Is that what the “messianic age” was supposed to be about, decline? One does wonder.

Carrying on, this study is further confirming that Bjerknes is not some “wonk”, and that he has an accurate understanding of Kabbalah, note well.

It’s dog-eat-dog in this world, and if you don’t realize that, the jews are going to kill you. They probably already have, spiritually. RIP, I mourn that you are lost.

The truth is that in this age of the masses people prefer a ruling-caste like the jews. The demos doesn’t have “ideal aims”, they only pretend to. In reality they like the Nigger Government of the jews. This of course is the result of the incremental regression of the castes across the last several generations. For those of us antiques who understand Boulainvilliers we see the two types of animal for what they are. FRY CHICKEN NIGGAS.

Greetings, Boulainvilliers. I am finding countless books in this study!! That’s almost the best part- all Idel’s references. They’re not the kind you’ll find using “keywords” on google or z-library. This for instance. All about how you’re evil and need to be destroyed (in our time, subtly niggerfied).

Boulainvilliers, is that you?

At least France is in good hands today, right?

How many once-great cities are now jewish toilet paper that can never be redeemed ever again?

Again, the scrub castes that have frothed up in the year 2022 are happy with “égalité” even if it’s an illusion promulgated by a jewish tyranny. Why are they happy even if it’s an illusion? Easy to explain- they are niggers.

Or in Aristotelian parlance, something is missing from their soul.

Only a blank, hollow monkey stare can read these words about themselves. Thus, I am only talking here to Boulainvilliers.

If the 130 IQ Indian Brahmins can’t escape nigger destiny I really doubt many other non-euros can. I will say though that I have seen admirably humble moments on the Sinonet. The first step to genuine first-worldism is humility. Of course the inbred hillbilly Pale jews know nothing about that.

It’s important to understand their mind though. I’m learning from Idel that the early Hasidim perceived the “shells” as the evening before the morning. The night of evil will be over once it’s mudworld, don’t you worry. And I tragically emphasize to you that it IS already morning. We’re living in the first light of jewish dawn. The mud is only hidden by the white skin. The spirit behind it is already thoroughly compromised in most cases.

“This is blackpill blackpill blackpill!!!!” Let’s lie let’s lie let’s lie – that’s all I’m hearing you say. NIGGERS LIE. It isn’t “pessimism”- you’re one of the muds yourself if you are unable to talk directly about the dismal situation.

The way the psychology of the scrub castes works is that half of their self or a quarter of their self FEELS an authentic identification with mud. They have self-deception about this. They won’t admit to themselves this “feeling” they have. And this disavowed feeling leads them to agree with the jews that “the evening is drawing to an end” as the representatives of light (whites) are waning and being disappeared.

A mystery to me though is the Iranians who are seemingly of their own species amongs Euros, Jews, Indians, Chinese, Russians, etc. And Idel explicitly sets this study in the context of the archetypal goy emerging in Persia. This is an ancient battle. The Greeks could not stand. This is like the Persian War. The Greeks have died. Only the Jews and Persians remain.

No dude I haven’t figured out how to get there yet, I think we’re just permanently cursed if we’re Americans.

I will probably go into more detail about this Kabbalah/Iran connection, I will probably write about every chapter of this landmark study eventually.

In any ideal world this is what everyone in an “Antiversity” would be reading, and you can buy the book yourself on amazon for not too many shekels. It would be pretty easy to “catch up to me” if you just read the material- unfortunately there is no shekel incentive for the vanguards of knowledge so people mostly avoid caring about it.

Did you read the recent Yarvin piece? He is sloooowly beginning to face that he is a goblin. You do not want to end up like him. From the outside, from someone with even more “reservations” than him, that is not a good look. He is one of the most interesting “shells” of today, one of the most complex, so we can learn from him how jewry might evolve in the future.

Yeah get this Idel study though. If you have the mind for it you will be able to “deconstruct” every sentence in a “nazi” way and experience humanity from an “above-ein-soph” perspective. And that is quite enjoyable.

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