That’s the only thing that matters to me at the end of the day- looking at the rabble with even more contempt than neechboi.

“What is this, the locker room in a country club?” I mean, in an ideal world, YEAH.

People “talk business” when golfing these days? What jews.

What total niggers, you don’t even deserve your money and you know it, coon.

What’s important to me is.. the history of the mind. And not in any “rhetorical” sense. That’s what makes my heart bleed.

After my musing on Iran earlier I decided to return to Corbin again. What a French “schmuck”. Shi’ism is not being discussed there, that is France speaking. What happened to “the Other”, France? Why can you only see yourself anywhere you look?

If you read medievalists like Etienne Gilson you will see that Descartes did not “doubt everything” and rather remained within the scholastic trajectory.

So if you wonder why the “free” french of today are so dogmatic about the principles of the revolution, it’s because in some sense they never did leave the middle ages.

A “new horizon” isn’t something they can tolerate, because they’re just a new type of zealot.

I only care about the French enough because I see them as my “fellow Aryan”. Just look at their faces. It’s not a monkey there… and not many “human” subspecies of the world you can say that about.

So what went wrong in France? Let’s start with the basics. Descartes did not create a “science”, that is a mere theory that he created. Maybe a necessary one, yes, and nonetheless still merely a theory, one that has arguably been proven wrong through historical events in France over the last 300 so years. From my “cynical” perspective, Descartes is a type of theologian that has reigned over the mind of France. That’s not the kind of theologian you want, otherwise your country will turn to dust.

So if you are French and happy and proud you are French because whatever gifts you may have, this is something that should concern you, because if Cartesianism continues then people with your gifts will cease to exist.

Beyond all the specific doctrines of Descartes there is also an “ethos” there, and I believe this ethos is more French than any of the doctrines.

“You want to mess with me?”

Yes I do. I have the privilege of speaking to you René over 300 years after you’ve been in a grave – do you not think that warrants some disagreement with you?

Descartes is the French version of “Sabbateanism”. No, René, I don’t believe in doubting everything, I believe many things are True.

Note the irony when I say “believe in doubting”.

Yes, that moment had to happen, with Bacon and Lessing, in other parts of Europe too. The point is these were only “rebels” against what was truly right and good.

“What do the exile-jews and hut-niggers have to say about this?”

That’s another psychology I’ve detailed elsewhere. I am only trying to speak to the French specifically here. Why can you be so smart and beautiful (Aryan) and still fall for the shekel plot against you?

I think this leads back to Descartes.

CORBIN can’t even get away from this trajectory, so I doubt any other french people can. Are you french toast or are you something higher? I think French people represent one of the master races of humanity. Why don’t they act like it? “I’m… bribed….” So you’re one of the peasants that cheered on your so-called ~revolution~ okay, nigger.

WHO is someone beautiful in French history? That is of course Napoleon. Emulate him more than the total retard Descartes and you will be golden, my French friend.

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