Using google to translate Greek words makes me want to break stuff. Strangely enough, I’m finding Yandex more helpful. It goes from Greek to Russian to English. Many words that H-dawg drops aren’t even on google. How are you supposed to learn the language if words don’t even show up on google? It reminds me that google in general is for lobotomy-cases. “I wear a bib for my drool.”

So, among other things this sophist dialogue deals with the art of disputation. The maintenance of our political order is indeed an art. They have people cornered with their art of disputation, in other words their pilpul and the white lib regurgitation of the pilpul. So I find myself spending another morning poring over the classic consideration of this art.

“I’m a tyranny-artist, aren’t I special!”

the sophists in fact έν κεφαλαίω περί πάντων (e3), speak “in summary, about everything”

When our cherished society-puppets speak it probably seems on the surface perfectly mundane. If you squint you will often see that they are “telling you” what “reality is”. They’re enforcing a view of what Being itself is. They use pathos to communicate an ethos which contains a logos. That ethos tends to be a disguised will-to-nothingness. This is due to a botched understanding of logos. That botched understanding is ultimately due to the twisted brains of the jew whose second temple (Mammon altar) was rightfully destroyed.

Are you having fun here? I try to have some fun, as much as these subjects permit. I don’t think you’re going to be getting any “coochie” or “hoochie mamas” by understanding these things. To jump somewhat off topic for a second, that reminds me of something enigmatic Franki said recently

In Zog I wouldn’t care too much about what gives you access to these judaized zeroes. No offense to the ladies, I’m sure one or two have remained unscathed through some miracle.

In summary, the art of argument is used to reduce souls to nothingnesses.

“Smiling rabbis” will distract you from this. They only smile because their bellies are full of goyim blood.

Anyway, who is surprised that the Rusnet is better for the Greek language? It’s better at everything, look at this

Never even click google images, it’s full of ugliness and depravity. Meanwhile you can get LOST on yandex images. While I’m at it, quit creating that DALL-E AI art, everytime I see one of those images I feel my soul deforming. Literally. It’s demonic. Stop acting like art in general is NEUTRAL! It potentially CAN and often DOES warp souls!

“Lead paint chips have such a nice crunch though.”

Look how fundamental H talks- it makes me laugh

In terms of the sophist, the objects of his commerce, that with which he properly has to do, are men, beings of his own kind, beings that occur in the world and are in it with him.

If I was sitting in this class I would have to put my hands over my face.

Something I’m wondering though is, are there lots of people like the following in the US

And they’re just scrubbed from google? I find ENDLESS Russians with personal websites with which they discuss intellectual matters. Or is it true and the US really is just a worthless fast food nation?

Anyway, maybe a controversial opinion but if you haven’t read H’s Sophist then you haven’t read the Sophist.

Do you ever just look up at the ceiling and yell “NOOOOOOO! NOOOOOOO!” That’s what the fate of the occident and the niggercountry known as the US makes me do.

What’s the silver lining I guess?

precisely here, in the τέχνη σοφιστική [techne sophiste], we see at the same time the multiformity of the structure of λόγος [logos].

When you track down and extract exactly what these “rat bastards” are, you simultaneously are determining what a “saint” is.

In a certain sense though you have to realize that this dialogue doesn’t directly apply to contemporary politics because there isn’t real… dialogue… in the west. Our “sophists” simply presuppose their sophistry, they don’t need to argue for it. That’s the end of history, the nail that’s already in the coffin. The central sophistic formula of course is “equality because holocaust”. And there are a hundred ways of dismantling that if you’re cool with account deactivation or homeless shelters.

Anyway, these H courses don’t have to be intimidating. I’m picking up the Greek a lot faster than I expected at first. The question is whether you want to have a first-rate education, or not. If you hate the US you might as well still be one with it if you don’t venture into these extremities of mind.

It isn’t a “normal person” who says something like the following

nowhere, even in other dialogues, does Plato successfully disclose, within the structure of λόγος [logos] itself, the peculiar constitution of ψεύδος [falsity/deceit] and its possibility in λέγειν [speaking]. This derives from the fact that he did not yet see λόγος in its main structures, and consequently his concepts of φαντασία [fantasy] and of δόξα [opinion] remain uncertain.

In other words, H believed the writer of the Sophist dialogue to be a type of sophist himself.

Neech had a similar perception, though I’d have to say that H makes neech look like a passion-driven, over-emotional woman, to be honest. And that’s a hidden meaning of philosophy. Non-philosophers are a type of woman. Neech really WAS a poet, just in a pejorative sense not many understand. Furthermore, neech was a type of sophist in ways neechfreeks don’t like to admit. He was NECESSARY to get an H, that’s his saving grace.

H at times gives me a feeling of distance from humanity similar to DMT. How far monkeyworld is from the light. The monkeypeople have their particular reincarnations because of thousands of years of karma, which is now their physis. I don’t have much hope for their unholy spawn in the future either.

This is a close-up picture way of putting it

It is hence a matter here of someone who paints pictures and shows them to inexperienced young people from afar, such that they then believe that these are the things themselves

This is anyone Zog allows in public.

This is the nature of Jerusalem as such.

Pretty counter-intuitive to hear the above from someone who thinks so highly of the Rhetoric, yeah? I think we just need to rethink the concept of rhetoric from the ground up (something I’ll be writing about in the future).

This just destroys our whole society, if you have ears to hear

ποιεϊν άληθη δοκεΐν λέγεσθαι (c6f.), “making it appear that the truth was spoken.”

What must a jew reading this be thinking? Is the rationalization-hamster running round n round on its wheel? Very likely, I intuit. “What would people say about us if we allowed criticism, hmmmmm…” How shameless. They really are fond of this state of things of not being allowed to be criticized, and they really are fond of this illusion-world of keeping truth in a picture from afar.

Extractions, extractions.

What’s your extraction? Desert cut-throat to inbred pale yid to escapee in america degenerate pipeline? This is called a close-up picture of a typical jew. And this is the “sun” all the filth revolve around. Say cheese!

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