It reminds me of my dog when I was a kid, how we sometimes used a rope to keep him in the yard rather than a collar and a chain. It was tied so that if he ventured too far from the yard he’d be slightly strangled and learn his lesson. Eventually he did learn how to shake his head out of that. And I see some of the ones who go by no real-life name online as similar to that dog.

Maybe only types of “collies” know how to do that? We speculate he might have been part chow too, I still have his older, bandana-colored collar that I haven’t run DNA tests on yet.

In my experience at least, a boy and his dog is an important friendship if that boy is a type of “collie” too.

Honestly, thinking about that dog almost makes me cry. I had “friends” in books but they weren’t real like a dog is. I never know if I’m speaking to many people or few people. If the worthless kikes ever decide to honor me with a wikipedia page they should include “Jash” on my “influences”, because that was my dog’s name.

They should have a link to him with his picture and include what he liked to do.

This is just “the existential” of human being from my experience.

“You didn’t have any human friends? THAT must explain you.” No, I didn’t really. I relate to him snarling more than I relate to any of these “poser-people”. At least that was real. GRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrr. I’ll bite your throat. That’s the meaning of a dog’s growl. At least certain dogs. Some of them retain the nature of a wolf. The ideal dog is a wolf that is man’s best friend, and this dog I’m speaking of is similar to that.

In our world it’s better to be a wolf or better yet a werewolf than to be aligned with humanity.

Jews, women, etc. try to “pet” you into being a chihuahua or some other sad creation. Meanwhile, I genuinely “admire” my dog for being “against the modern world”.

“I’m a wolf aristocrat, I’ll bite out a jugular.” That’s a good boy.

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