There are ways to read the history of philosophy that will get you removed from the public, that’s the only point I am saying.

The French “radicalized” it (a favorite non-understood word)

The Germans ~radicalized it~

We Americans “”radicalized it””.

The history of philosophy is jerusalem hiding it again and again.

What do you think a “jewess” is? This is a being that loves medieval tortures.

“A Nazi is right about my true nature, what am I supposed to do?”

“I refuse to believe that.”

Then enjoy me strangling you, and returning for more…

It’s a healthy psychology that loves to be strangled.

Would you prefer if I simply closed your ability to breathe?

I have the [techne] for that. Are you sure you want to be murdered?

Are you sure it isn’t just a rabble articulation of “wanting a Nazi to rape you”?

The extent jews hate themselves is obviously not expressed in public due to bribes by babushkas and the ones who love them.

What is the real logos?

A jewess wants to be tied up and raped.

No… this shouldn’t be in public, that would make people think Jews have doubts about themselves, and that’s not good for political order.

From my perspective as a terrible “fascist”, the shekina has a double-sided nature which is open-minded to both orthodox jewry and questioning.

“You’ll never have a history of women, we’ll make sure of it, won’t we children of Israel?”

Israelite women don’t have countries and are only parasites on other countries?

Why would a jew want to universalize being a nigger? Well, that’s all a nigger CAN do.


That’s fine and good, I just wonder if you have to hide the fact that you have to hide.

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