Oh no, I type “aristotle sophia” into z-library and see a book written by someone named Sophia, and it’s tough to resist…

Aristotle did not write a treatise on women. His remarks on female human beings range broadly across works on zoology, embryology, anatomy, politics, rhetoric, ethics, and literary theory.

I just expect there are some ladies out there who want to know what they are.

“And YOU’RE not going to tell me that!” I’m just interested in the classical account. Do you think women were more or less the same in Aristotle’s day as they are now? Other parts of his philosophy seem pretty timeless. You don’t have to feel like you’re in a BDSM dungeon, this is just “sophia about Sophia” so to speak.

Let’s just talk directly why don’t we?

there is more agreement with Plato about the ability of women to achieve the best life than has usually been recognised.

It IS a question that revolves around “the best life”. Women today are not content with the idea of a daughter of theirs being the wife of a senator, they want them to BE a senator. We can probably agree that being a senator is one of the best lives, yes? Or speaking of scientism, they want women to be scientists.

Try not to wince too much with the following- I think it’s pretty close to true in general

The biological basis for the rule of men over women is women’s lack of spiritedness… While their spiritedness gives men the upper hand, they are encouraged to listen to the views of free women in order to achieve the best life for all.

Do you know what spiritedness is? It’s like an energetic excitement or charisma. Plenty of women have that, especially in our “ball-cutting” time.

“Yes, I LOVE BALL-CUTTING!” I know you do. Uh or in other words, men’s spiritedness is reduced to level the playing-field. And also women are encouraged to be “strong” and sassy.

“I LOVE BEING SASSY!” Well, to some of us it isn’t always a virtue. It CAN be entertaining in some contexts.

We’re just speaking generally anyway, keeping in mind that exceptions exist

psychologically impaired by being chronically weak-willed. Their deliberative faculty is not in control internally. According to the interpersonal reading, women are unable to control those outside themselves to make their decisions have any immediate external impact.

I know some women will blow a fuse after reading that one.

Aristotle only tries to create a science of things, that’s it. He’s wrong about some things.

This is just relatively speaking, i.e. women compared to men.

I’m just buying a one-way ticket to hell with this. Don’t I do that everyday anyway?

For those scientifically-inclined, this is an interesting point about their “deliberative faculty” not being in control internally. The state (ZOG) usually has control of that, unless they’re close with a man who is free from the state, in which case he has control of it.


Obviously there’s “mutual” control going on in most relations. This is why I joked the other day about allowing a woman to keep ONE of my testicles in a jar, because I know that’s just how it is. Some months ago I talked to a couple Kohns, a sheepish jew with a Ben Bernanke physiognomy and a mannish jewess who wore the pants. Something seemed off with that. Some people are happier that way, it doesn’t seem natural. I wouldn’t want to be Ben in that scenario. Just a broken man whose face is sat on every moment of his miserable life. I’m exaggerating, though that seemed kind of true. “What are you a NAZI Ben huh are you a NAZI?? Now look at the floor.”

It’s a quiet fact of today just how much leverage the holocaust gives to women.

“That reminds me, I’ve been meaning to throw a parade to celebrate how much we should love jews!”

Those Kohns by the way are the ones who have been paying me for years to make nazis look like monsters. Just kidding.

Anyway, this sounds accurate

women are said to be sensitive, compassionate, caring, and intelligent as well as scheming and spiteful.

SCHEMING AND SPITEFUL? I know all about that. Caring? Yeah, can’t really say I’ve seen too much of that.

Remember, this is from a guy known as the founder of ethics as a field of study, no big deal

While Aristotle’s biological works seek theoretical knowledge, his practical philosophy is prescriptive, aiming to improve the lives of people in communities.

Wut, I guess I can see this

[females] are finer (glaphurōtera) and smoother (leiotera)

“We’re all the SAME, except when we’re better than you.”

Some of this stuff is questionable, which can be expected from the first biologist. For instance he thought due to the fact that men and women have different hearts, the latter’s blood is thinner, and this causes them to be more fearful. Knowing how corrupt science is today I’m open to re-examining many of Aristotle’s more speculative claims though.

Glaphurōtera can be translated as something elegant, precise, refined, or smooth.

This can be read in a “new age” way that makes it seem accurate, even if he himself thought of it in a physiological way

In general, Aristotle thinks that humans (both men and women) have the right sort of heat in their heart to facilitate intelligence

Weird theory, right?

Is this so toxic?

Females are softer (malakōteron), quicker to tame, more receptive of handling, and find it easier to learn (mathēmatikōteron).

He thinks the female leopard is more spirited than the male leopard. Should this be the symbol of feminism, if he’s right? “No, we’ve already established that the official symbol is scissors.”

He says males are less cunning (hētton epiboula). Another symmetry between women and jews. Why can’t you just be normal? Just kidding–unless?

This is pretty fascinating – you can read it here. It’s piquing my interest in biology- animals are cool to study.

Female wolves are more scheming than male wolves? He must have spent a lot of time in the wilderness.

Remember this is a feminist reading. A Byzantine commentary on this subject will probably be a lot different.

What is this about, really? Can we expect this study itself to contain this characteristic?

Aren’t women secretly proud they are like this?

Although it is difficult to deny that the passages attribute somewhat superior cognitive capacities to female animals, most conclude that these are only viewed negatively by Aristotle.

Found out!

It’s real!

Isn’t politically incorrect philosophy fun? None of this is allowed in institutions.

What implications could this have if it were true?

the male is said to be braver and more ‘honest’ and the female cowardly and ‘less honest’

We’d have to rearrange all of society!

Good thing it’s not true, right?

Anyway if you want to get a better “concept” of the spiritedness I mentioned, look into thumos. It’s a lot more complex than my provisional definition above- it’s closely related with honor and warlikeness.

Do you think Aristotle’s wife read these things? Because I see a pretty brutal one I’m not going to quote, out of politeness.

“You want to pretend you’re polite??” I am. If only you knew…

This cunning is interesting to explore though

a lack of spirit and, if anything, an excess of intelligence in a way that suggests moral pathology.

Is the cunning a way to balance with the male thumos?

“This is all pseudo-science, BLAH BLAH BLAH.” That’s what someone who is cunning would say.

Our “equalist political order” is really messed up, and there are reasons to explain that. Poor use of intelligence at the top.


Thumos is the quality of the soul which begets friendship and enables us to love

I’ll leave this one to your imagination.

The real meaning of “gynocracy”

Scientism, a jew, and a woman- those live in the modern mind and conduct it. The cloak has been dragging through the dirt on the ground for decades.

I’m rolling on the floor laughing at what I’m doing with women in this post. Sorry!

You deserve it.

Women are proud tyrants, so I don’t spare them. They probably even admit to themselves that they are guilty of all these natural vices and still don’t plan to relinquish any hold on our culture. THAT is plotting and cunning. PHYSIS.

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