It’s useful to try to forget everything you’ve ever learned and contemplate what we should be doing on this earth.

You’re a newborn. How do you see the “world”? I doubt you’d call it “world”.

I think William James was on to something when he referred to the world as a “confusion”. This is true for babies as well as adults. What the world really is is a confusion.

This is what it means to be an imperfect creature which all of us are. We don’t know what “the world” is.

If you have humility you will see that “confusion” is the typical experience of living in this world. Why are things happening this way or that way? We simply don’t know, and we try to figure out.

Some of us have faced this confusion and meditated on its meaning.

A provisional “explanation” is that we are in this world to grow.

So what is the more refined meaning of the concept of “grow”?

I don’t want to tell you my idea of that, I prefer you face the confusion yourself. Maybe growth will not even be part of what you “extract” when you face that. For me at least it’s a type of growing I see when I face the confusion and don’t turn away.

You might be wondering now what is the growth TOWARD.

Sorry if I sound like a sci-fi dork or something but I think the Fermi Paradox is extremely relavent here.

“Being” or “Existence” or “Life” is essentially directed TOWARD being an extra-terrestrial species.

“Okay, I’m reading a schizophrenic here now thanks!”

No, I’m able to intuit your reaction because I’m a type of psychic medium or whatever you want to call it.

When we speak of “life” it’s always in an abstract sense that covers-over what life really is. In fact, I believe, it is something that sci-fi “writers” (poets) were able to see before anyone else.

“I believe everything you say about Life.” You’re not an “E. T.” then.

Et’s don’t care what the majority of humans think about. This is a way of restating Plato’s forms.

An E. T. has its own “reason”. I am only here to direct you TO such a reason. If you “copy” me you remain in the monkey realm.

“Why am I reading this crazy person?” Whatever you want to think. “Autonomy” can also lead to this misapprehension.

“So why don’t you just tell me the meaning of Being itself if you’re so smart then?”

Earthlings don’t understand the language about it, hence I use different languages to express it. In English what “life” is (amidst the surrounding confusion) is a development.

I am a speaker for “the Forms” myself here, and don’t find them perfectly developed here either.

In phronesis-speak, development means not distracting yourself with worldly people that are false idols and instead devote your mind to understanding the true meaning of mind. “Mind” is one of the idolatries. The word is νοῦς.

“We need to distract from you using commie ‘development’.”

That’s typical and usual within the “confusion”. What is the real directedness is the question. In our political system, run by kike-niggers, there’s no chance you will be able to say what “nature” is, there is no chance to explain the “confusion”, because it would mean the niggerkike briber and blackmailer known as the Jew would be murdered.

What is life?

If you know the meaning of these things you’ll be fighting the evil that exists on this earth. If you don’t understand you’ll be supporting them, because you’re part of the evil yourself…

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