Real white boy summer has never been tried

Das right, someone ELSE gave courses on this Greek. Who is the true “H” anyway?

I’m still following the clues of the more recent one- for instance this interests me

Multiple angles to approach “this” from really

By “this” I mean a pathologically insane project one could spend years on. What else are we supposed to do, “golf”?

People usually examine Hegel as a Kantian/anti-Kantian rather than as an Aristotelian/anti-Aristotelian, so there are fewer studies on the latter than you might expect. I’m just taking Heidegger’s advice by following this thread.

Many recognize the dystopia around us, and those same ones rarely reach for utopia as a response. This is my idea of utopia, studying these things, like a light in the darkness.

merely one among many other civilizations and histories, or whether Greek humanity was not rather the first breakthrough to what is essential to humanity as such, its entelechy.

Same can be asked about the krauts. So what’s better than a double-scoop of THESE two?

Some people’s “votes” are more important than others

Hegel placed Plato higher than Aristotle but later reversed this order

He began to focus on the Greeks in a sustained way only after he wrote the Phenomenology. Prior to that it was only sporadic. One might call this later time his mature period.

Call it a hunch, this seems significant

Why does Hegel claim that an adequate conception of spirit needs the revitalization of Aristotle’s De anima?

I feel like people ignore Aristotle because they don’t want to seem ~pretentious~. SMH don’t let the “democrats” get to you. The rabble lives in your head, smash them, kill them! We should be actively creating an aristocracy within this hellhole and never apologizing for it, or lowering our tone for the animals. If anything the contempt dial should only be cranked to 10 and distance from them should INCREASE. Meanwhile outside of my idealized cloudworld, people are instead palpably more niggerlike than they were in say 2016. Wrong direction.

It is probably about a certain.. faculty.. of.. recognition

Hegel perceived himself as the Aristotelian who . . . recognized and completed the work of the master.

By the way, it isn’t clear to me that Heidegger is the peak of the kraut renaissance. I see him more as helping us see the peaks. Maybe he is a certain peak himself, simply by virtue of being the latest major thinker. Gadamer? Derrida? I’m not sure if you know what “decline” means.

Another angle to this- here is how Heidegger begins the Sophist course, with an in memoriam for his late friend

[Natorp’s] genuine understanding of Greek philosophy taught him that even today there is still no cause to be especially proud of the progress of philosophy.

I’m a deserted island book thought experiment kind of guy. What’s the best of the best philosophy? The truest truth is what we are seeking.

“Marxists” don’t care about any of this. They’re dogmatically fixated on Marx and read everything else through him (if they read anyone else at all). This is a type of human robot and pseudo-intellectual, and these are a dime a dozen.

Why did we Americans just luck out anyway?

The US, the renowned Brain Trust of the planet.

Let’s look at an initial clue

Energeia, usually rendered in English as “actuality” after the Latin translation “actus,” is by and large translated by Hegel as Tätigkeit (activity) or as Wirklichkeit (actuality)

Closely related concepts are Aktuosität (actuosity) and Entwicklung (development).

So the chronology of these Heidegger lectures might not be coincidental

The most elitist Antiversity possible is the aim. Models exist to emulate and reformulate.

I discuss energeia here. This is central to what Being is for Aristotle, and Hegel appropriates and tweaks it to create his idea of Spirit.

Hegel translates it as subjectivity. Subjectivity “appeared” with Descartes, Rembrandt, and the like. Europeans learned a thing or two about themselves since Aristotle’s time believe it or not.

Ancients vs. Moderns

subjectivity is par excellence the cogito opposed to a realm of objectivity standing over and against it

Say hi to your cogito for me, you’re probably read this with one of those.

Here is what Hegel says of De anima, i.e. alternately translated “On the Psyche”

the best or even the sole work of speculative interest ever written on the philosophy of spirit

Remember this text is about entelechy, that concept with so many politically incorrect implications…

You’ll be old before you know it, you’ll be dead before you know it. What’s in question here is the true meaning of soul. Having a soul. Being a soul. You can’t know that without studying what the greatest souls had to say about it. And before you know it you’re old and dead and never knew what a soul was all your life. Seems like a waste. Sorry to inform you it’s a joke to think either the bible or science provide adequate answers. Many people receive answers through Marvel movies. Or Marxists. Can’t say I like the look of those entelechies.

Anyway, these are just notes for future research for now- like I said, only an insane person would attempt a project of this magnitude

the order and structure of the lectures on Aristotle, which mirrors the order of the Encyclopædia

The study I’m drawing from is refreshingly critical though. I.e. it shows how Hegel is sometimes wrong, biased, and projecting his own philosophy into Aristotle. Could it be that Marxism has its roots in a misinterpretation of Aristotle? I love to mess with the lefties who read this. Seriously, it seems like an open question. Not like Marxists would even care- their beliefs are almost entirely emotion-driven. It’s just an ideology of weeping about the supposedly oppressed, grounded in bungled Enlightenment expectations.

If you feel like being a crazy person you can read about this here.

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