Let’s begin this with some rhetoric

A “hucow” is a human cow by the way. Didn’t you know that, grandma? All the kids know what that is. Today I will be discussing the 40 volumes on the hucow.

Seriously though, something unique about women is their breasts in particular, so I wonder if they secretly do feel like a type of “cow”?

This isn’t what I was talking about earlier regarding female intelligence, I just randomly saw these books, and I guess maybe there’s a connection there.

I’m just trying to psyop you into thinking about something else

the key thing to understand when reading Gadamer on the Presocratics is that… he also reads the Platonic dialogues against the grain of the scientific tradition begun by Aristotle

So, Bacon is really “surface”. Scientism is Aristotelianism.

As regards the Presocratics, I’ve sensed over the years that reactionaries have a special place in their heart for Heraclitus out of all of them. And Gadamer has some essays on him.

Wait wait I need to intersperse this with the passions somehow- does anyone want to discuss the psychology of this one?

Let’s not even think about other ones

Who is going to read these? There’s probably some hidden psychology there.

This has nothing to do with woman’s “cunning” discussed recently. This is another side of it, maybe there are connections between the two, people can speculate if they want.

As for me, I’m concerned here with the origins of the life of the mind. Somehow I doubt women played a role in that besides as mothers of genius sons.

Let’s put it this way- their cunning is not an end-in-itself. They really use it because they seek to be enslaved. That’s “the game”. Part of their game is denying that’s what the game is. This is polemical though- “love” doesn’t involve slavery per se, it’s just not equality whatsoever.

Most people prefer to live the various games out there without talking about them, and I prefer to theorize about them.

When I see some of these books I laugh at how much of a joke feminism is

They’re just looking for an excuse.

The abortion debate can be read through this lens too.

See how my caring for the animals distracts me from the Presocratics?

Well we’re not going to have philosophers of the future if we don’t have this discussion. Women these days are indiscriminate, meaning they let anyone in. 100 sexual partners means indiscriminate. That means indiscriminate about the type of person who will exist in the future.

“We don’t care, we hate you, we’re anti-intellectuals!” Consider me a utopian then.

This is a “phronesis” I see women lacking. It’s possible to have female geniuses within their own realm. A slut is not a genius. The best she can hope for is beta male sons and clone slut daughters. Such children are not significant in the grand scheme of things, or even in ordinary life. If a woman has such children that means she has bad phronesis.

A cat lady is bad phronesis, demonstrated by her quiet misery.

The problem we have today is all the shiksa whores of the new ZOG world are in denial of all this. They can’t face the fact that their lives are already over if they’ve banged dozens of strangers. So they “own it” and promote their own misery. Meanwhile, the happy merchant smiles.

Do you have attention-span? Or do you switch on your vibrator instead of trying to “think” about anything? Well, if you had any attention-span you’d be able to study the past and see things weren’t always this way. Rather than “hook-up culture” there was courtship and romance. You’re not going to have any romance with these whores, which are basically a type of female baboon.

I could use my (frankly, incredible) intelligence any day to gather vast wealth if I really wanted to do, and every day, I see no reason to, because there’s nothing worth buying. Buy a hook-up culture slut with nice dinners and travel and all that? No thanks, I find philosophy more valuable. You can stay in your baboon circle and stay far away from me.

While we’re here, let’s just speculate on what their true nature is- are they a type of “secret cow”?

I think as much as white men identify as their minds, women identify as their breasts. That’s just out front. Speaking as a guy myself, this is one of the first ways women are judged. Are they fat, are they ugly, do they have nice tits. This is just realism. Their personality isn’t the first factor involved. Are they young? And I expect women intuit that on some level so to some extent must identify as a sort of cow with udders.

I’m just a utopian here. I care about a woman’s personality more than most of those things these days. Phronesis, physis. Obviously a fat old lady is distasteful to me, but you get the point.

Women are similar to jews in being nearly ALL “sophists”. These days, when my cynicism has reached unprecedented levels, a non-sophist could be slightly ugly and I wouldn’t even care. That’s the real meaning of “what a woman is” in my opinion.

If they’re totally rotten inside and beautiful on the outside, is it even a debate?

Oh, you’re kind of modest-looking. I just don’t think “love” is possible with someone who is rotten inside, and that is most zogwomen.

Beauty will always be the ideal, I just think it can hide an ugliness that is something to be concerned about.

This is just how the animals are. Loving an empty person isn’t love.

That’s part of why I don’t really think love is real anymore, because everyone is empty. If your soul is fused with kikeworld you’re necessarily empty. Think of the “method of division” again- that is a form of lust. Only lust is possible with a kikeworld sellout. So be happy you tolerate this day after day and never say anything against it.

Go ahead and make some excuses about it, we know how the empty people respond to these things.

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