My reptile-brain is having a field-day so might as well share with you what I’m finding here

μετά τά φυσιχά = after all. I.e. the Physics was taken as the “all” and everything after it was taken as, well, after it.

Put differently- Here’s Reality, now here are some supplements after that.

I might as well be living in Christian Medieval times where no one cares about this because they prefer their exoteric view of the world- “current events”. Or what amounts to the same, promoting “equality” in the 1000 different ways. In any of these cases it’s a type of swine-nigger whose vote I’d snatch right out of their hand.

Let’s continue on for the sake of the non-animals though

In subsequent Scholastic Philosophy (Logic, Physics, Ethics), there was no discipline or framework in which to insert precisely what Aristotle strove for here as πρώτη φιλοσοφία [first philosophy], as authentic philosophy or philosophy of the highest order.

Aristotle’s corpus is likened to a milkshake- it was the result of throwing many things in a blender. The passed-down “structure” of his corpus is arbitrary. And usually it was to flatter the braindead christbloods.

What is the true structure OF it?

Ha like you care, all you care about is what you can say to make the rabble and kikes think favorably of you. WHAT A NIGGER!

Sincerely. This is your physis.

Do you want to.. try.. to think of it outside of how a pathetic person thinks of it?

What a laugh it is that the most legitimate interpretations of the beginning of philosophy are from Nazi Germany and the century before.

“Jews hate wisdom, it must follow!” Yeah. Unless it’s “wisdom” that confirms the need for kike-rule. And there are many niggers that lean toward that.

The “postwar order” is just the repetition of Socrates’ hemlocking, in a grand sense.

“I’m the chosen people though.” You can’t have any conversation without bribing and blackmailing people, you’re the definition of a nigger- even Africans should be laughing at you.

Heidegger is a genius for publishing his mind in installments over time. This itself was a Heraclitean action. If war makes people slaves… Then it will take time for them to distance from their enchaining.

A jew- “Hey, we want to keep people our slaves while promoting the fake idea of equality! Don’t talk about him!” You remind me of a nigger from the desert like a muslim except instead of loving Allah you loved money instead. You’re a piece of shit.

“Who helped him see this, hurry, we need to weed them out of the curriculum or it’s show’s over for us.” The mustache man was Wagner’s disciple, and Heidegger was a disciple of a disciple. And from there one learns the Greeks, and they absolutely destroy the feeble belief-system the kikes use for their exploitation.

“So eliminate philosophy itself from the curriculum.” Yeah.. it already doesn’t exist in institutions..

I pointed to Benardete as a wiseman in my previous post, and these Germans make him look like a joke. This is the difference between true euros and true jews. You rely on your money-changers to feel happy about yourselves. In reality you have to ban people because we make you feel like a nigger. Fess up, nigger.

Too busy eatin dat watermelon of the dumbgoy majority, sheeit.

Pseudo-aristocracy in charge, and you still whine about politics. It’s your own fault.

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