Why is this so funny

Beings and ways of being we know; they delight and distress us, they cause us no end of anguish and disappointment; and, of course, we are beings ourselves.

Probably something to do with the abstractness of it.

I don’t cause you any anguish do I? I don’t want to be a being with a way of being that makes other beings have a distressed way of being. Actually I DO want to do that to cretins. Just look at the sunshine, you’ll be fine.

We try to understand things abstractly here. This presupposes the elimination of emotions. My intended reader is someone cold, and “above” emotions. If you want warmth there are other places to go–virtually everywhere else, given that everyone is looking for a shoulder to cry on. That’s a secret meaning of so-called society. Ask yourself, do you surround yourself with “hider friends”? You just know they’re always going to pass certain subjects over in silence? And/or frame certain subjects in a pleasant way?

Consider these questions “the laughing void”.

When the illusion-structure is meddled with does it ever provoke violent impulses in you?

Have you ever been in this place?

So-called kelipot put beings in this place.

To us, it’s like flushing a toilet.

A skeleton flailing around in hell- is that some new type of dance you invented?

Believe it or not, it’s probably Right and Good that you dance that dance.

Everyone involved in the “sin-racket” in any way needs to fry. There just aren’t enough courts and electric chairs to go around.

This is clear as day to anyone not in the world of shoulders to cry on.

It’s a matter of seeing it without emotion, like you’re looking at a math problem. They need to dance their dance.

If you think this is “sick” then you’re still looking for a shoulder to cry on. It means your brain is jewed and you’re absolutely confused about the meaning of existence.

A great and holy fire needs to cleanse the west.

The skeletons will dance themselves to ash and we will grow a beautiful garden village atop their dancing-ground. Only then will the sunshine actually be “real”. In the current phase of the political-cycles sunshine will always have a grayness admixture. Maybe it will be the Chinese who bloom from the Age of the Masses the west has descended into.

The call for the skeleton dance can only be understood by those who understand both Athens and Jerusalem. It’s an unholy synthesis that has occurred between them- THAT is what we call “the contemporary west”. The worst elements between them have frothed to the top.

Do you think you will be WELL-LIKED for holding these convictions? Only by those who also recognize the necessity of the staging of the skeleton dance, and those are the only ones whose opinions matter.

It’s the amoralism that’s resulted from the immanentism of Baconian empiricism mixed with the moralism of the designation of the left pillar of judgment of the sephiroth as evil that has led to this ubiquitous idea of “discrimination” being a “hate-crime”. That’s arguably the root of the problems of modern society.

How did these confusions arise? Glistening technology “proves” empiricism. Exile “proves” the evilness of the leftside-pillar. In reality these are both false. Empiricism is true but it’s only one part of what it is to be human. Similarly with considering the leftside-sephiroth as evil. “Transcendentalism” is a reality, as is the goodness of the leftside-sephiroth.

I’m not postulating a “solution” with this, it’s only a diagnosis, an examination of the causes. Bacon-Luria is people’s “physis”. The freeing of the world into a “new discrimination” is the skeleton dance. THAT would be the solution. The burning alive of the Bacon-Luria people who find discrimination to be criminal.

Discrimination is fundamental to flourishing. It is discernment. Think of a trivial example like having a stain on your shirt and your friend not mentioning it. There are a lot worse things than stains that your friend doesn’t mention in today’s world of non-discernment.

Do you think that evil is real? I would have to say that’s worse than a BBQ stain on your shirt that your supposed friend pretends isn’t there. Anyone involved in the “sin-racket”, i.e. the Lurianic crime-family that “shepherds” the Baconian amoralists to their doom, is a type of “evil person” to one degree or another. They’re all united in being silent about that stain. And they all need to dance the dance.

Think of it like this- I’ve been trying to throw a ball. So far it’s been a “masked ball”. We need to have an open ball where the skeletons have their dance right in public. Or haven’t we already had that? Well it’s not enough. The ideology of “anti-discriminationism” needs to be formally renounced. It needs to be acknowledged with a face of guilt that it leads to the destruction of humanity.

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