Only one study with this word in the title, surprisingly

Remember all of philosophy is contained in the logos-physis-ethos tripartition. And everyone only knows the word ethos from the movie The Big Lebowski (which DOES deserve to be a “cult classic” in my opinion). At least it’s an ethos, dude. So let’s see what this word really means.

Ethos is our self-conduct or stance. Do you notice how there isn’t anything related to politics in the above tripartition? Ethos contains politics. To be human is to be with others in the political world, and ethos is how we conduct ourselves in that world.

Ethos is ethical virtue. It is not an emotion, it is a decision to have a disposition. It’s the habitual character that you choose to be in society.

I consider it an open question whether physis precedes ethos. Are human beings radically free? That’s the experience we have at least- we wake up everyday and choose to have a certain character. Whether we have a choice to make that choice is another story.

A defective disposition may let what is in fact an evil end appear (phainetai) as good… As Aristotle argues against Socrates, we can know the good and yet not do the good

This is usually what I call the “goblin” ethos.

“At least it’s an ethos, dude.”

This is a subtlety

[ethos] is nothing other than the manner and way in which there manifests itself what the speaker wants

“I want goblin stuff, dude.”

Put all the good people in gulags, that’s what the niggers want. The hatred of beauty ethos is really obvious to detect. One of the main roles of “hider friends” is to hide the true meaning of one’s ethos.

Throughout all this, don’t lose sight of the fact that “ethics” is the science of ethos. People with a bad nature still have a form of ethics, i.e. the evil they perceive to be good is still a type of good. Given that beauty is good, their good is to hate the good, thus they are fundamentally confused, i.e. poorly understand logos. It’s the ethos of many people to be bad at logos. And this is often because of their physis.

When a typical woman who has the spirit of a 15 year old is mysteriously anti-racist, this is because she herself wants to be regarded and respected as a rational adult. This is what I mean by a “bad nature”. It’s lowering the standard for what is a rational adult. And again, this is a “good” for them, and thus an ethics.

No, what’s “good” is to have high standards for what a rational adult is.

Being secretly happy that holocaustianity protects your people from criticism even though it is ultimately ruining society is another example of a “bad nature”. This is just a selfish child, not a rational adult.

Nice child ethos you got there, jew.

“The people who challenged the international banking cartel are the most evil people in history!” And that’s supposed to be a solid logos?

The “reactionary antifa” who signal against antisemites? Bad nature, i.e. questionable self-conduct.

Ethos isn’t something that falls out of the sky, one acquires it through repeated actions. Habituation causes formation. Dispositions arise out of routine.

The vengeful leveler ethos- I wonder if we ever would have left the realm of animals if everyone had that.

This all relates to what I was saying yesterday about character and humor.

If you want to pursue the question here further, later Heidegger said that Greek tragedy shelters the true ethos better than Aristotle’s “ethics”, and I’d have to agree myself.

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