Let’s pretend no one has ever heard of the word “reality”.

The goal here is to understand that word without any of the jews trying to hide their centuries of exile involved.

You worthless Irish and Italians are guilty of this too. Perfect governement will not be achieved by the jews, I think Irish, Italians, and Jews, can all agree on that.

So what is “Reality”? I invite you to think about that. I want you to wonder that because there’s something “human” about you that isn’t found in an african or a south american or an asian.

A stupid potato, hello, a jewish matzo, I greet with you, Italian pasta, it is time for you to stop and wonder about the higher things in life. What is the highest god?

The highest god is challenging all of the people in the world regardless of what happens in the actual world.

Sorry if you were “deduced” to be a type of worthless jew.

“You never will love me.” Maybe that’s the test to see if you’re beautiful?

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