I think of that line from Radiohead, “This one’s optimistic”.

“Nothing about Radiohead is optimistic.” That’s why it should be noted the time they said this one’s optimistic.

Radiohead is the one who expresses “the human condition” similar to classical music, you just call that “emo” or something.

Not like I can listen to them anymore without cringe, I just see them as a bridge to classical. There’s a tragic awareness with them that can help you understand classical.

“Shut up, you’re a nazi, I want you to die.” If Yorke or McCartney said that while looking in my face they’d be surprised what they saw.

Of course I see you as beautiful, do you want to make me cry or something. The point is there are high-points of music that humans have never achieved yet.

Let’s put it this way. Beethoven will survive for a century more than “classic rock”. I use those quotation marks to say hey, retard.

Post-classical music is only treasured for being something not completely worthless before the sino-jew engulfment of the arts.

The perspective of severity is that Beethoven was not enough.

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