Schleiermacher didn’t subscribe to the developmental model of how the dialogues were written, rather he believed “mature Plato” wrote all of them in a consciously pedagogical manner, and that what seem like “early dialogues” are really just writings meant for early students. His thought was that the Phaedrus was the first in the “series”, and that all the seeds of the later ones were contained in it.

There is in the dialogues, he insisted, a pedagogical progression of ideas proceeding “from the first excitement of the original and guiding ideas, up to an all but perfected presentation of particular sciences.”

I’m open to anything, I’m a total skeptic regarding Age of the Masses Plato-reception.

Reflecting on it a bit, the developmental model does seem arbitrary when one contrasts it with how we view Aristotle’s corpus. Is there a “mature Aristotle” or is there just a “first-philosophy Aristotle”?

Imagine how on some planets there’s a third “Greek” after “Aristotle” and they’re wondering about these questions except have like 300 IQ.

On our humble planet we only have these two. And we should hold to them with great care. Ur-Thinking. How it began. How it can be replicated, how it can be surpassed.

[so and so] sought the original order of the dialogues in part so they could isolate the mature works of the real Plato. This served to diminish the weight of the earlier dialogues.

It’s possible that in neglecting the earlier ones we don’t receive the proper education in which to understand the later ones.

A month ago I discussed the Ion – had you even heard of it? Quite a profound dialogue in my opinion.

We see a similar phenomenon today I keep harping on, with the Contributions being read, and not the dozens of courses surrounding it.

If nothing else, this is counter-intuitive

If an idea is not fully formed in an early dialogue, that is because the student is not yet prepared to receive it, not because anything is lacking in Plato’s philosophy.

Let’s just cut to the chase here- when I’m ranting about white niggers and jews my implicit “message” is that people these days don’t know how to THINK. So, we’re trying to determine proper education here so they can learn how to do that. It’s probably too late for adults. If you don’t learn by your early 20s I doubt there’s much chance for you. NIGGERS!

Believe me or not, this is something I take to be 100% objective. Study the history of thinking without caring what society ‘thinks’ of you, or what feds do to you, and get back to me. It’s mostly niggers living in the west, people who are incapable of freedom or thinking.

So it’s crucial to formulate how the Great Minds should be read. I’ve so far given at least provisional clues on how various thinkers are optimally read.

It’s just a fact of being a limited human that we need teachers to help us with the Great Minds, so I’m often trying to show you who is a “middle way” between you and them. Most middle ways between thinkers ruin the thinkers. They’re contorted into Blobspeak, which is an effective means of “hemlocking” them beyond the grave.

Is Schleiermacher right? That isn’t clear yet, he’s just an interesting thought-experiment, being the Ur-Hermeneuticist.

Let’s just suffice it to say that even if there is no “plan” to the “early” Plato it’s better to read those dialogues than to read shitposts from the MSM or retard “friends”. It isn’t an exaggeration- most people’s “friends” are retarded in a medically-diagnosable sense. Early Plato is 10,000x the person any of them are. Probably 100 billion times the person they are, let’s just not reveal too much about this distance, for early readers’ sake.

Just look into Schleiermacher yourself if “the founder of thinking” interests you, because I’m more convinced the more I read

Plato, fully understanding the power of myth to excite ideas, would introduce a philosophical principle at first mythically and then, having aroused the student’s imagination, would develop that myth into scientific, or dialectical, form. Hence, what “is anticipated mythically more often than not appears later in its scientific form.”

We’re back at the old meaning of “rhetoric”. I usually skip that because I don’t bother to speak to immature students. The Sophist dialogue is only for advanced students (you think H just let anyone into his courses?) I’ve purposely skipped over a few things in Plato because I know I’m writing within jerusalemworld. Unless they get to a certain level they can’t understand things in a non-monkeybrain way. Again, my own self-understanding is that this is 100% objective. I know exactly what they can’t hear, because they’re not developed enough to hear it. Sometimes I tell them anyway, not like it matters. Niggerjews will hate you for it, niggerwhites will hate you for it. Know who wouldn’t hate you? The Great Minds of history. Good luck caring about them and not the world. That is a nearly non-existent minority.

It’s 100% objective that most of the world is “monkeypeople”.

They only want to bare their fangs and light you on fire for exposing what they are.

“They LOOK like normal people though.” And that’s how they remain hidden. Monkeypeople are hidden behind a human-looking form. Learn to see it or you will be part of a monkeycult before you know–ah, I bet you already are part of one of those.

Whether it’s left or right it doesn’t matter. At the end of the day they’re both full of apes, niggers with no dignity. When the subhumans who happened to learn how to read see statements like this they “know” what they are. That’s the meaning of “redacted”. It’s niggers that need to hide knowledge about how close to animals they are.

Yes, I know this about you. What a cute ape. Should I see you as a pet? It’s better a cage separates you and I, even if I’m the one inside it, since speaking to you in the way I do will likely bring the ape out. What’s that ape, you hate human beings? Could you explain that? Do you have rational mind to do that? No, so you rely on disappearing, unnamed scapegoating, bots, and other illusions to feel better about being born a monkeyperson.

I’ve explained all this many times so I just expect at this point you’ve determined it to be your conscious goal to make sure no one like me will ever say these things to you again. Well, you’re definitely a nigger, similar to loincloth negroes that dance around a fire. We have lots of those subhumans in Europe. Not many are Aristotelians or whatever you want to call them. There are next to none in China or Russia either. It’s mostly people who care about thinking vs. a 99% that wants to kill them. For those handful of nonmonkeys reading this, I’m finding this Schleiermacher study to be fascinating.

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