I’m back at this again

In the Sophist dialogue, the primary distinction is between dialectical thinking and sophistry. Aristotle in contrast unfolds a further distinction that distinguishes philosophical thinking from both sophistry and dialectic

Don’t you hate people who are “pieces of crap”? This isn’t navel-gazing, this is how to determine if someone is a piece of crap. Because usually it’s so subtle that it isn’t recognized. This is one of the primary mysteries of being-with-others.

This isn’t purely an “intuitive ability” that one either has or doesn’t have. It can be learned.

These hifalutin ways of speaking, like talking about the meaning of Being, the essence of Knowledge, the foundations of Morality, etc. hide something that is pretty “country simple”- a lot of philosophy has to do with determining if someone is a piece of garbage.

And the US might as well be one of those floating trash islands out in the ocean. So it’s good to “learn” this “method” of “determination” so that you can avoid being in the company of “subtly immoral” people.

This subject probably makes some people anxious. Because even bringing it up gets them squinting at the true quality of their “friends”. They probably try not to think too much about it because it’s “depressing”.

Some technical terms that mean combining and separating

sunthesis and diairesis have the function of displaying some being… Disparatively determinant assertion aims at making accessible in its unity the organized manifoldness of the given entity.

This is the dissection and classification of someone’s character. You take them apart and put them back together again. Except they are not the same after they are taken apart and put back together. This is often “the unspoken” of what is going on here.

This “manifold unity” spoken of above is usually deceptive in the way it displays itself before it’s divided into parts and synthesized into a new unity. Call it a magic trick if you’d like, it’s just having a keen eye while being-with-others. And this is an eye that can be educated.

In case you want to google around, the Greek words are διαίρεσις and σύνθεσις.

This taking-apart and putting-back-together is a form of purification.

We’re not going to be abstract here and talk about tables and chairs, we’re talking about PEOPLE. When we experience a person their elements are intermingled, mixed together. That’s what we have to separate-out from them. What a person is is a “confusion”. We separate-out elements in order to not be confused about them. The meaning of not being confused is when you find something that CANNOT be separated-out. This is because there are certain elements that are unmixed. This is a quality of character that is determined. This is hell for people when this happens to them. They much prefer to have a “deceptive display”. This preference itself was just separated-out as we speak, you see? Preferring such a deceptive display is one of the many elements that are re-combined into the manifold unity I refer to as “human garbage”. Plato doesn’t have to be about boring chalkboards, this is real-life stuff.

People have good qualities too, usually. I can think of one person I know, a witchy type, who is magically eloquent, yet corrupt and rotten in a sense. At first, second, and seventieth glance one might not recognize the latter element. It needs to be separated-out of the confusion of the manifold unity.

Here is Aristotle

If thinking puts together what is discerned in one way… then the thinking is true, then it uncovers; if it puts together in another way, then it is false, then it distorts.

Everyone does the thing I’m talking about- one meaning of being corrupt is that they separate-out and recombine in a false, distorting fashion.

This is the essence of the left. And jews are the most talented at it. It IS an art. Typically one you’re not conscious of doing. This is why I think of them as jewbots.

We’re back at what I was talking about the other day- the “setting into relief”. Women are notorious “sophists” too in their what one might call over-abundance of compassion. They tend to have a self-centered agenda though, behind what they separate-out and set into relief. All the human garbage does.

This is a way of describing the wheels and gears inside their crime operation

Taking apart is indeed a mode of carrying out perception

Didn’t you know that there are “mechanics” to their opinion-control?

They do it through a form of disclosure, i.e. it’s a type of revealing. And what can we “separate-out” from this type of revealing? That it’s a revealing that is in fact intended as a concealing.

They all have each other’s backs with this. We usually call them intersectionalists. That’s why it’s all intrinsically self-centered even if it has the appearance of compassion on the surface. Each type of human garbage is a different manifold unity, and each one separates-out elements from the other types and sets them in relief. They also do this with their enemy, white men, except they set in relief negative elements. This is how they distort perception of the truth of so-called “humanity”.

Let’s call it the stabilization of the confusion. They stabilize it through distortion through selective setting into relief.

It seems to be a truer picture of reality to stabilize the confusion such that they are displayed as human garbage. I try to set in relief their distortions, which I take to be one with the destruction of humanity.

By the way, the subject here is the ancient form of dialectic

Plato interprets this άνάμνησις [recollection] as a re-seeing of what our soul previously saw while traveling with a god.

They DO see the human garbage within the confusion, it’s just that they’ve more or less perfected the fog-making machine of opinion-engineering so what’s set in relief in that regard is only very vaguely set in relief, and not in the foreground as are the distortions that’ve been separated-out.

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