I’m not above Harry Potter references- it’s the only thing everyone’s read, and thus the only thing people understand, as sad as it might be. The real-life version of “the sorting hat” is full of surprises. Most of them are sorted as niggers.

It requires extreme levels of candidness to be in charge of the sorting hat ritual. Because really it’s just a metaphor for dialectic and the natures it reveals. I think poets like Rowling are more “inspired by the gods” than have much of a rational understanding of their creations when they write them.

It does seem to be the case that similar to the Ravenclaw house there is a nigger house where most people are sorted to.

I don’t know what euphemism you prefer. They are distinctly detectable subhumans, people who are maybe 1/4 of a person. I think “nigger” is a fitting word for them.

They’re basically worthless because even if you put four of them together they still don’t equal one person. It’s just four retards together.

So they’ve been sorted, many of whom are jews, many of whom are women, and then we have to wonder what to do with all these people who aren’t human. They look human, so it’s confusing. Their surface will deceive you. What to do with them? For starters, treat them as what they are.

You need to not have been “sorted” into that “house” to recognize any of this. When you’re not one of the niggers it’s extremely obvious when one of the niggers shows signs of what it is.

There’s a tendency I think to have “hope” in people, and to keep trying to find redeeming qualities in a nigger. Speaking as a veteran of the culture wars I’d advise you to “mark them” in your mind as an eighth of a person and don’t bother thinking they will ever be “sorted into any other house”.

The hat has spoken. It is a worthless dogshit nigger underneath. That’s just reality. Their brain and blood is mud. They are like that because their ancestors were probably like that.

People truly do understand HP in an existential way better than anything. And the irony is it was probably written by a mudblood. So this is one of many ways people’s perceptions are flawed at their root.

Most people you can think of are “sorted” into this house. Beware at your own peril.

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