Don’t you think it’s strange that this was Plato’s physics?

I think I can sense that when I say the word “Atlantis” even scientific people have a curious mood about it.

Well, this is the most rational logos we have of it. And this dialogue was considered to be among the top 2 by the Neoplatonists along with the Parmenides. Those symptoms, those symptoms.

There are all sorts of patently false myths in Plato. So let’s just look at this as a myth, and see if there is a logos in the myth.

I can already detect there’s an “I want to believe!” crowd.

I mean, 80% of the ocean has not been mapped, so…

I try to be scientific so I just file this in the “schizophrenic suspicions” part of my brain. And there happen to be many files in there.

I think the Timaeus is more difficult to understand than the Parmenides because it isn’t logical per se. In that sense the Parmenides is more timely, more modern. Paradoxically enough, Plato’s most poetic work is also his physics.

Judge me or not, I’m not sure you can understand the mood I’m approaching this in without playing Bioshock Infinite. That’s just a modern-day spin on the Atlantis myth.

I’m looking at Proclus’s reception of this by the way

It takes up with the genealogy of the traditional gods, spends considerable time on the address of the Demiurge to the junior gods, and their distribution of souls into bodies.

Zeus and Yahweh are these junior gods, if we extrapolate. This can be determined when you study the history of thinking.

In modern parlance, the god of Atlantis is conceived of as less of a simulacrum than today’s gods. I’m often to show this with the Greeks as a type of “Atlantis”.

If you want to continue the thread I’ve been talking about lately I just saw this secondary text by the way

A type of “sequel” to the Sophist and Statesman by arguably the main successor of Heidegger.

No, no one ever thinks the word “Atlantis” when reading these things. Because that’s all “myth” and not logical.

At least that’s what the demiurge jr. dumpsterkikes want us all to believe, and want to tell themselves for their own self-esteem.

Suffice it to say, in the history of ideas there exists a “checks and balances system” against any given ostensible aristocracy which reveals that they are not in fact the most aristocratic one can learn from.

Even Plato himself hearkens back to a time more thoughtful than Greece.

“Well I’m basically a gyspy so I don’t care.” That is indeed the product of a junior demiurge, a gypsy-type.

They know this about themselves and want to purge all “Atlanteans” from reality. Have you ever been called a nigger before and felt guilty and ashamed? I haven’t. So I can’t understand exactly why jews women plebs browns etc. would be upset. I’m like a “speaking fossil” from before Atlantis submerged. I’m alive too, and have to deal with all the normal human things, in a monkeyworld hostile to my mere existence.

Maybe it’s just me, I like a good mystery

Are you okay with “spoilers”? Probably not, so I’ll stick to avoiding the obvious truth for now.

Given the hostility to deconcealment I only note the basics here, such that the Timaeus is a “sister dialogue” of both the Republic and the Critias. These might as well be an Atlantis since no one is going to read them.

Playing Bioshock 1 is more interesting than talking to you unfortunately. Try to be more Atlantean maybe?

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