Some amusing freelance genealogy

When Aristotle first arrived in Athens he studied rhetoric, this is a historical fact. I’m only initially feeling out this genealogy, not sure if it was written by a loony toon yet.

“The best genealogy is written by loony toons!” That is only PARTIALLY true. There IS something “fun” about genuine genealogy though, yes.

Here keep in mind that these Neoplatonists I talk about were always marginal compared to the Aristotelians. Something about Aristotle was more compatible with Christianity.

“Isocrates” isn’t a typo of “Socrates”- Isocrates was the head of the school of rhetoric in Athens

Remember the Gorgias is one of the twelve dialogues that the Neoplatonic curriculum consisted of- it was considered entry-level, or level 2 so to speak, that had to be understood before moving to the more advanced dialogues.

This guy seems erudite though, drawing from ancient sources. I love when someone well-read just starts wildly speculating. Just be a person. Academics try to act like detached machines.

I’ve actually had similar suspicions about Aristotle, that’s why I’m still kind of dizzy from learning more about Heidegger’s reverence for him.

I can relate to this shite, with all the feds that have surrounded me for years

My life would be like a thousand times better if there’d never been any feds in it. They seriously don’t want you thinking about stuff. I’m living proof. I don’t know if there were fed networks in Athens too, I’ve never looked into it. What is certain is that ancient Athens wasn’t some island cut off from the world, it existed enmeshed within international politics.

It’s true he was accused of embezzlement. It seems we have a hagiographic understanding of Pericles today. Socrates for one had various critical perspectives on him. While the genealogist in question doesn’t seem like the JQ type, maybe we can leapfrog off this “Persian” agent idea of his.

Given the control the bankers have, I’m willing to entertain this idea that everything we know about the Platonic dialogues is filtered through them

He notes that in Homer Apollo is portrayed as an evil, foreign god.

He claims that the plays of Aeschylus are veiled attacks on this Cult of Apollo too.

This is entertaining if nothing else

This isn’t the first time I’ve read that it was Aristotle himself who had Alexander killed.

So he wasn’t just out watching the animals, he was possibly an intelligence operator.

This lunatic says the Platonic side of the elites was decimated between 1784-1818.


I’ve tried to show at least one way Aristotle has triumphed in the present day- through Bacon-refracted scientism. Synchronously I’m now seeing this guy draw the Bacon connection too.

See, this is good genealogy in my opinion

I’ve linked before showing that Dugin also has the sense that there is something sinister about Aristotle. The seemingly innocent pointing at the ground, that has the potential to release all the hounds of hell.

This guy’s overly-speculative but he knows some things (he just mentioned the Shi’ists as being part of the Platonic elite) – click here to read more of his historiography. And another connection I’ve made before! he says the Sephardis were also part of this Platonic elite and they were always fighting the monetarist side of jewry. What, do only about a million Sephardis exist today? This is the Benardete physiognomy I discussed.

“This is all just pure craziness.” I saw this book a couple times before but the gaudy cover deterred me from clicking it. You get that with independent publishers I guess. It’s good as “realistic fiction” at worst. It’s just a nice break from overly-formal academics on the ancients. I wish more people would just “go off”.

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