Let’s try to judge what judgment is

the logos apophantikos, “the characteristic function of which is to make manifest what is as it is.”

Be careful now and remember you’re on the darknet, and be very afraid.

The shitlibs regard this as something like their guardian angel, imagine that. “Keep them hidden so they can continue working their wonders for us.”

This is just pure evil

letting someone see with us what we have made manifest by way of giving it a determinate character

-an apple falls on your head-

a force pulling judgment… akin to gravity

Perception-engineering IS a form of gravity manipulation. One might call it the orchestrated cessation of gravity.

To summarize so far- judgment is the pull of gravity toward making something manifest.

Isn’t this what “they” want?

a failure of interpretation

They can’t make that gravity go away so they redirect it.

I postulate something mysterious- the gravity is redirected toward that gravity itself.

For instance a leftist reading this is probably judging me for being judgmental. In order to be that way there’s already an inner-directedness of gravity. There’s a cessation within them and they try to extend this cessation to the outside world.

Imagine this except with society

As I am salting the soup, I taste it and pass judgment about whether or not it needs more salt.

Better not judge that the soup is bland and just eat it as is, goy. THAT will make for a life well-lived.

The gravity is pulling you to season and spice your food, and another (((gravity))) is weakening that first gravity.

The “aim” is to condition subjects so that they don’t recognize the soup’s blandness AS blandness. It’s just good soup. Often times the “soup” in question isn’t just bland, it’s something far worse, I’d say “expired”. You better not feel a pull of gravity to throw it away.

Your friends need to be expired soup and you need to not recognize them as such. Likewise with the people in your own home. Likewise with yourself. That way there will never be a holocaust ever again, phew.

To be fair to the kabbalahbloods, “judgment” is usually taken to imply SEVERE judgment. The thing is, the definition of “severe” seems to change every year, getting closer and closer to “judgment” plain and simple. This does seem to be the telos of kabbalah. In any case, don’t you respect yourself enough to want to judge things severely? Think of fine dining for instance. That’s severe judgment. You’re just eating slop otherwise. Do you hate yourself or something? People deserve better, that’s my only point. This is why I like to talk about fine art for instance- the presupposition in the background is I want people to have nice things.

Do you think that people’s souls can be judged in the same way that soup is judged? I think they’re at least similar.

I’ve had some awful soup in my day that I’ve had to pour out into the garbage after one half-spoonful. Haven’t you? Are we supposed to be force-feeding ourselves in this society? I think the answer to that question is “Yes, and if you ask questions your life is over.”

Unfortunately this is what many people’s souls are like- you want to pour them into the garbage. And they’re usually distinct “Types” of people. It’s almost like a cheap brand you can recognize on the shelf by the labeling. Ah, a Brahmin Indian! I know what you taste like, I’m not going to be buying you. And they’re far from the worst Types, they just have a craftier intelligence so they’re in a similar category to the jew.

People understand sense-metaphors. A jew is a food with a very specific type of seasoning. So is a jew-lover. I’d have to say both are only something one would eat if one were desperate. And you can be rich, famous, and powerful, and still be desperate. This goes all the way to the top. Desparation is part of their seasoning ya see. All sorts of “spices” can be distinguished in them in fact. Not spices I’d want to use, either.

Another spin on the phenomenon in question

the struggle is solely aimed at entities themselves, in order to tear the entities from concealment and thereby to assist entities unto their own, i.e., of letting them be what they are.

Hopefully for your own sake you recognize that an unquestioning existence in ZOG is equivalent to being served food with armpit hair on it at a restaurant. You better say it’s good too. You better lick that plate.

The crazy part is, most people will scowl at you if you don’t. Like I said, being on the internet talking about these things has always felt like being surrounded by people who want me dead. Have your bland, expired, armpit hair meal then, and I won’t say anything more about it- would that make you happy?

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