It’s suffocating and self-annihilating to reside too close to the One so let’s take some further descents down the ladder

Anyone else relate to this? It goes without saying this play is technically a comedy. No one reading this has a life that is a comedy, I trust.

On the surface, this must be a parody of Ficino and his school?

The four would-be scholars only need to encounter four women before their sexual passions are set off, and their three year goal is unlikely to last three minutes, certainly not three acts.

Nothing kills abstract thought of the One like women. They might as well all be in a conspiracy to keep you from thinking about such things. Just creatures of pure lust that want to take you down with them into their sewer. If we were two descents from the One earlier, the world of women must be a few dozen descents away.

“Don’t hate me for who I am!” It just seems obvious to me that feminism would ideally be about being more like Ficino.

Anima prima is composed of Mind and Reason. Mind is contemplative and creative. It is analogous to, and participates in, the Divine Mind. It can look upwards to the super-celestial and downward to Reason… The Lower Soul, which is not free to make choices, is governed by the conjunction of celestial bodies and fate. Reason was seen as peculiar to man alone.

Women just blow around in the winds of fate, with only whim at the helm. Same with most men too, honestly- just conspicuously so with women.

And usually these “winds” are engineered by a certain nose people.

Given this state of things, how does this even happen? I disavow this reality

Of course the four pairs of lovers get together at the play’s close, with the women fully in charge. Perhaps they have spent more time reading Ficino.

Men must contain substantial “not-being” in order to be so easily controlled by women.

“Occult” IS the right word for it, I believe

A keynote of the occult is the seemingly miraculous bringing together of disparate parts or people from disparate places.

Meanwhile it’s all One, and the disparate parts are illusion. (It’s possible to talk like a hippie without being superficial.)

This is humbling- leave it to Shakespeare

The process Plato describes is a progress from the particular to the universal, from the love of one earthly being to the passion of heavenly Eros. The four men in Love’s Labour’s Lost, according to strict Platonic doctrine, want to get there all at once, and they therefore demonstrate their lack of passion for knowledge.

The Realm of Ideas is sterile without real human connections.

The despair of the astronaut hermitage.

Then I reflect on the “semitic winds of fate” and how they inundate women and men alike in the outside world and feel quite content with that despair.

You’re telling me you can’t get this from books?

You can’t fight Being.


Just think anon- those eyes looking at you are… jewish.

“That’s not enough to matter to me, I need what I need!”

That’s how the demiurge gets you too.

This is pretty cool though- the eminent poet Auden’s critique of philosophy. He’s fair and balanced though

At the same time, sight is also the most unreliable of the senses. It can be deceived by appearances… Blind Cupid is used in a derogatory way in Renaissance writing, signifying the Pandemic versus the seeing, rational Cupid.

“Oh no, he’s revealing our system of control!”

You’re so corrupt!

The four men in Love’s Labour’s Lost must learn to love people and not the idea of love.

Forgive me for having trouble finding comedy in this.

Ficino doesn’t seem corrupt. Sweet who’s this now, this is what I prefer to do

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