Who else is there, there is no one else, there is only Heidegger. In one of his courses, from 1929, he looks at what some might consider a funny subject for some 130 pages, and that is boredom. I showed you his phenomenology of fear the other day. I think boredom we all tend to experience a lot more than fear, so it’s good to know what it is exactly. He calls it the “concealed destination” of modernity. I strongly sympathize with that! This is the true meaning why I hate all the conformists, simply because they’re boring. Oh, a jew is speaking again, a jew is speaking again, a jew is speaking again, thank you for boring me to tears.

“I feel that ALL the time, now that you mention it. I’ve just gotten used to it.” This is the human condition. If you’re not really a philosophy-enthusiast you’re lucky, because after you get to know someone like neech really well normal people are EXTREMELY boring, you got it easy.

David Foster Wallace committed suicide while writing his novel about boredom, so let’s try to avoid that. He’s definitely someone who had to deal with the normies, poor guy.

Heidegger asks a pointed question here

What is happening in the fact that this higher form of journalism fills or even altogether delimits our ‘spiritual’ space?

Higher form of journalism, what an insult that is. THAT is everywhere.

I feel like this might be one of the more relateable subjects I’ve spoken of.

an indifference yawns at us out of all things

He says we struggle to find a role in these things we’re so indifferent toward. Because we as human beings need to be in some role to feel fulfilled. And yet they’re all so boring.

It reminds me of how I’ve said that it requires illusion to find “meaning” in ZOGworld. Whether it’s friends, love, career, etc. it’s roles people really don’t want to play. And we play them because we want to have at least some scrap of meaning. People are hostile to this awareness though and I doubt they’ll face it directly. “My whole life is a lie!!” Yeah, probably.

Earlier today I was looking at the dogs with the hardest bite. I do this to people and they really don’t want that, so there’s a “pro-boredom” case to be made as well. Because it seems the opposite of boredom isn’t just pure entertainment- there’s suffering intrinsically involved. I.e. pure entertainment is itself boring if there’s no stress and struggle.

Heidegger himself is a type of poet

a profound boredom draws back and forth like a silent fog in the abysses

There’s a typical counter-response to all this that goes something the lines of, “If you’re bored you’re blind. That’s your own fault.” I think that’s cope. In a world where you’re dealing with people who repeat the party-line over and over, it’s not your own fault for being bored. And I mean to gather the pseudo-right under this definition too. I already know what you’re going to say, it’s going to be something in accordance with kikeworld or it’s going to be vaguely neutral. That rightly causes boredom. Some would say a profound boredom.

Part of what philosophy does is it detects the essence that is present in multiple manifestations. To the layperson, things might look different- to philosophy-enthusiasts, we see that those many things are not different and it’s in fact the same thing being said repeatedly. “Jewworld good” – or as Hegel put it, acknowledge the rationality of the State. This is what it is over and over. And I think even laypersons are bored by this on some level. This is a universal aspect of modernity.

Byron gets boring, Bioshock gets boring. What do you do? There must be a solution. Wouldn’t you think of me as a savior if I told you the solution to boredom? That’s how important the alleviation of boredom is to people. It’s an extreme problem that we have. I’m not getting used to it. I want new art and new science that doesn’t make me bored.

So if you want to tackle this problem you have to venture to the heart of it. And that is the phenomenon I’ve discussed before of jewesses who’ve openly promoted the value of “not thinking”. Boredom necessarily follows from that. In communism that’s something you have to get used to. No thinking means nothing interesting.

If a commie jew nigger wants to disagree just try to reflect on your own experience of them- they are boring pieces of shit, plain and simple. They don’t want people to think about THEM, and they don’t care if their political order is boring as a consequence. They’re trying to hide the blame of being a nigger, that’s their only objective. If everyone is bored to suicide like DFW they don’t care, it’s only about this “concealed destination” as Heidegger called it.

People usually know him as a thinker of time. And that itself, even to me, seems boring on the surface. And it’s kind of interesting that he says that boredom makes time slower.

We’re trying to determine the nature of what a human being IS. It seems to be someone who likes quickness, endless non-boredom. What does a woman offer you, a hole for a half an hour, then the question is and then what? The answer to that is philosophy. Women are interesting and not boring in their own way- they’re only interesting for one segment of the day. If they can philosophize then they’re interesting for more segments of the day. And this is the type of woman I’ve tried to create here in my lab. Can it be done? Not good chances. A hole that is also interesting in other ways- this is not likely, even with education.

My intention isn’t to be mean to women, I just want my cute little dotters to be interesting. And they can change from their zogworld mentality to that any moment they want, I only try to show them they can. I don’t have cute little dotters who I’ve spanked anyway. I only talk to myself at this site, as is well-known.

People just can’t appreciate either tragedy or comedy these days.

I’m not a nazi, I’m a spiritual Greek. That’s what people hate. It’s propaganda to think of it as nazism. The historical nazis were a laughable rendition of the historical Greeks.

Just think of what Heidegger said again

a profound boredom draws back and forth like a silent fog in the abysses

and wonder whose political order this happens in. This is something jews bring about because they hate questioning, unlike the Greeks.

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