Let’s play that game where we attempt to discover the highest reality.

No religion, philosophy, or science is involved.

It’s just wondering what the point of life is, without external hints.

I would have to say the point of life is talking to people.

I encourage you to think of your own initial defintion, this is just mine.

So what does God want us to do when we talk to people? That’s the next question.

He seems to want us to free each other from sin and vice.

I know this is controversial. That’s only my own wondering outside of religion, philosophy, and science.

What God wants is for us to be pure. The ideal is to be pure radiance of light with no darkness. You have no guilt about anything because you lived a righteous life.

I think people don’t talk about this aspect of “theology” because they want to hide something.

Let’s forget about “God” and think about life again. What is life?

One might think of vegetation growing and decomposing for new vegetation to spring forth. That doesn’t apply to human beings, who are above the vegetables.

Life for human beings is talking with others. And it isn’t only that. It’s talking with them about ideas that animals wouldn’t talk about.

We try to delineate what a human being is.

We talk with others to get to the core of what it means to be close to God.

There, I said it.

What is closness to God? A jew, a commie nigger? They’re satan pretty much.

The meaning of life is being a jew or a commie nigger- it’s crystal-clear. And yet they will all be happy when the derp state invades your home, and laugh at you for it. This is the demiurge in action.

Let’s get back to the essential question though. If God is real, what is the nature we should know?

Destroying evil.

If you’re on a fail-planet like earth this might not be immediately obvious to you. Anyone who joins the demiurge project of saying “evil is good acktshooually” is one of the irredeemable niggers that believes evil is good acktshuhaujltluy. It’s good, we’ll kill you if you say it isn’t.

I believe in meditation. What is the meaning of life?

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