Something enigmatic from the Statesman, about the method of division

it is safer to cut by going through the middles

You can just destroy all of society with this. It makes me feel like a devil when I see how these ancient texts can be applied to the present-day. Cutting through the middles is what I’ve been doing probably ever since you’ve known me.

I think of this method as something used by an escape-artist. It’s how to spiritually migrate from society. Earthlings are boring to me now, I want to try it on extra-terrestrials. I take Plato himself to be something like that, hence my preoccupation with him.

There’s a horror when you realize you live in a particularly corrupt stage of history. They’ll want to eat you like a sacrificial lamb if you point it out.

It’s such an irresistable temptation to war with our pseudo-aristocracy over this though

anthroponomics, the herding of two-footed animals, or what we seek–the art that is called both royal and political

They might as well be four-footed animals on the jews’ watch. It would take a knuckle-walker to engineer such a mess. Anthroponomics is also the pastoral science of the herd of false statesmen.

Kind of like those sunglasses from They Live, there is an adjusted vision that sees the jews as they walk with their knuckles. Most are too four-footed to notice.

Better idea yet of cutting through middles? That’s those sunglasses.

consequence of the use of the techne of [division] to define the techne of politics. Philosophy is transformed into technology

It’s not a technology everyone can use- recall my post on Xenophon and the limits of education.

Since I’ve been playing Bioshock lately- there are different tonics, or abilities, you can unlock. One is called Keen Observer, and there’s also Keen Observer 2. You need to get the first one before you can get the second one. I think that due to a mixture of nature and nurture many people can never unlock the second one. They never get to that level in the game where it’s unlockable. Perhaps they can “breed up” or waltz into a fortune or something so their child can unlock it. In other words, imagine those skeleton-looking things from We Live putting on those sunglasses- it isn’t going to do much. That’s why Plato could’ve written this trilogy 2400 years ago without it having sunk into the mind of humanity yet. History is a long “game” and a planet’s given species doesn’t always make it to the end. The Chinese might pick up where we left off and complete the project of the Greeks. In the meantime the west has universalized Las Vegas. Not many can unlock tonics under such conditions.

Let’s continue teasing out the Statesman. Remember it’s not only ABOUT statesmanship- it itself is an ACTION of statesmanship. The method of division that the statesman-stranger uses is not enough. He moves from that to myth. To know how to make the right myths you need to know how to cut through middles. I’ve heard the two-footed animals like video games and movies. Just kidding. One of the main problems we have today is that the jews believe their own mythology. This makes our society in a sense statesmanless. There’s no logos at the top of the pyramid. Consequently the west is on a suicidal trajectory. The jews themselves are as well given that over 70% of non-orthodox American jews are married to goyim. So things are looking up in one way at least, though I pity the fools who have been fellatio-captured by Esthers. “I’m not a knuckle-dragger, now just relax back and close your eyes.” Sorry, I have a thing for “serious play”. The statesman-stranger is playful, that’s why he tells a myth. And far from being “mere myth”, some scholars take it to be the peak of the dialogue. There are reasons for understanding that are only for sunglasses-wearers.

The myth is about two shepherds struggling against each other to ascend to the throne of the city. Zeus chooses one.

Heh I just left my laptop for a minute and walked with someone outside and saw their two feet and mine moving. We get abstract here.

That quarrel, however, is decided by Zeus, not by philosophy. This is an important indication of the relation between religion and the origin of the city, a relation upon which all the main speakers in the Platonic dialogues are agreed.

For our own time, “Zeus” chose Washington, then Lincoln, then Jewry.

Approximately speaking- between 1780 and 1865 is 85 years. Between 1865 and 1945 is 80 years. Between 1945 and 2020 is 75 years. Just a casual observation- we could have this pseudo-aristocracy for 100 more years. Or even a worse one. Ever known a mud mischling? Pretty much the foulest any human being could get.

when this epoch runs its course, there is a sudden shift of direction, caused by the intervention of a deity other than Zeus, and the cosmos as it were repairs the damage inflicted by its decay or old age

This is just a fragment of the myth, it gets a lot more complex than this. Suffice it to say that the two shepherds mentioned above are Atreus and Thyestes, and grasping that conflict requires going through a good deal of Greek tragedy, which I might take up at a different time.

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