Look at the extinct Sephardi Benardete madman go

This is similar to my thought here- the Philebus is sort of like a “sequel” to the Statesman.

What do you think, is it important to talk about the beautiful, the just, and the good? Nah, who cares. Just kidding. You’d be fooled though given that you rarely see people talking about any of that. They must be the right ones, right?

One must have to infer… there’s something ugly, unjust, and bad about them…????

No, couldn’t be. We love the demos here, don’t we.

You ever in your house and wonder if right below you there was fought a brutal and sorrowful years-long war between two Native American tribes? This is what I wonder about the Sephardis- did they lose some war to Ashkenazis somewhere down the line?

Anyway this study itself is beautifully written

the soul takes on the dye of opinion, in which everything is colored by the noble lie

I hate talking to souls dyed that color. It’s very easy to pick out. One might have to say it’s “barf green”. And now, who is the dyer behind this I wonder. You’re supposed to be creating citizens, not puking on them!

“Oy vey da gas chambas BLEHHHKK – there, I feel betta now.”

This is fascinatingly put

Socrates thus uncovers a province of the soul that hides from the enchantment of poetry

Poetry=media/education. Again, I have my severe doubts that most people’s souls aren’t permanently dyed. It’s easier when it’s face to face. I’m biased by philosophizing almost entirely on the internet. We like to think that such a province of the soul exists in everyone, one that’s impervious to evil influence, the unkillable purity of intuition we could call it.

Hmm this is true of the poets–media/education agents–I’ve known

he vindicates life by showing that the mixture of thought and experience is superior to any separation and that the speculative mode of poetry is too far removed from life to detect the life of philosophy.

There’s a cyclical repeat where one generation dyes the next generation the same color as they are, and so on to infinity. Let’s just puke on each other forever.

Anyway remember how I said I avoid the Philebus because it’s too much of a direct attack of the rabble. I know exactly what causes them to have a conniption fit. Honestly, I almost feel omniscient in a way. Even the ones with some pathos of distance tend to have a low-resolution of what the color of the dye really is. If it’s turquoise they’ll call it green, if it’s cerulean they’ll call it blue. I myself am flayed by the Philebus too- at least I can admit it’s right.

For the Neoplatonists the Philebus was the culmination of the nine other “introductory” dialogues before moving on to the capstones, the Timaeus and Parmenides. So it makes sense why the multitude would be so hostile to it, because they haven’t been educated by the other nine yet. Ugh how did I get myself into this mess- I already told you 1000 times I did the job now I’m getting out.

It was already over in the clouds years ago

Socrates’ choice is what I have called elsewhere a burstlike argument, which settles an argument in so decisive a manner that it seems to dispense with everything that precedes it

The bioleninists erase the dialectic- why wouldn’t they, it kills everything they believe in. Hand over the nuclear stockpile and we’ll go from there, sound like a plan? Nukes are the Socratic inheritance that the “Athenians” deserve. Not the twisted exile apes.

How is your soul dyed, stranger?

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