Now I feel like one of those recording devices in the System Shock series.

What I try to implicitly get at here is that the multitude is under the spell of, precisely speaking, a Neomarxism. Hence why I bring out the Neoplatonist contrast.

These are “the people” vs. Socrates, and they will be wanting to kill him again just like the old days.

Optimistically I’d say there are maybe 10% in the west that are rational like the Ancient Greeks. 1% of them hint, and the idiots like me that are excessively honest are something like the .01%.

The Neomarxists’ main goal is to make this entire 10% orcs so there isn’t any honesty at all.

I call them that rather than simply “Marxists” because I’ve never experienced a genuine Marxist. They are always filtered through modern or postmodern ways of looking at things. Nonetheless, Marx is the one who guides that looking at things.

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