Some speculate he knew this would happen

Doesn’t it seem “random” that, out of all things, he intended to immunize the girls from HIV? They think that was just a pretext, because the same gene he altered is also linked with cognition.

I’m on the Frenchnet because I intuit they’ll be more sensible about these things than the Englishnet.

Just kidding, this is actually about cows. My favorite food is steak so this question is actually pretty important to me.

Is this spoooky to you at all?

I also probably couldn’t live without cheese.

No one’s ever trying to imply anything here.

Not surprised to find this among the first results

Meanwhile, that He Jiankui was released from prison in April.

He can’t be that bad a guy, he’s currently a shareholder in an early tumor screening company. Oo, a “mad scientist”.

This is weird to read in an article about him

The little girls he edited are old enough to talk now, one imagines. I’m just trying to mess with you.

I googled “games similar to Bioshock” and there’s an interesting-looking one being released at the end of the year, here’s the trailer

Hopefully this game has some substance to it and it’s not just eye-candy. Can’t tell yet.

Anyway, things could get pretty crazy if we put our minds to it. Last year in China they began a trial-run on editing thalassemia patients. There are 300,000 Chinese who require lifelong blood transfusions, so I guess they found that more pressing than making their population more intelligent.

I still haven’t found much information about the third girl

We know that the three girls are presumably mosaic similar to other mammalian experiments

See here for more technical information about what exactly was altered. On the Sinonet the girls are referred to as “chimeras”. It seems something like an ongoing “state secret” in the sense that no one knows their real names or what hospital they were born in. Even if they ended up being professors or in some other cognitive discipline later in life that would be pretty astonishing.

I have the creeping feeling that most of the ones reading this will have to be edited before understanding the importance of it.

This was the attempt to cure blindness

This is the first in vivo CRISPR therapy trial, meaning, the first time CRISPR is being used to edit someone’s genes within their own body. The first patient volunteer in this US-based study, sponsored by Editas Medicine, was given a low-dose of the treatment in March 2020.

This is a form of retinal failure associated with the CEP290 gene.

Recall these ones that we know about

That George Church from the other day focuses on reverse-aging. He’s a professor at Harvard and the hard sciences and math tend to not be as corruptible as the social sciences and humanities, so this isn’t some fountain of youth “scheme”, it’s going into trial-runs.

Let’s see an update on the in vivo test-subjects’ blindness

Now let’s try enhanced learning, increasing the neocortex, higher problem-solving abilities, etc.

Useless blank-slatist commies!

Eh, it’s only been a couple years. Are these test-subjects’ eyes going to pop out of their head one day because of the therapy? We don’t know.

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