Try to reserve a quiet backalley on the vast internet for some laughs and you can expect the spiteful communist nigger chimps to stalk you here because they’re so touchy about even one person knowing what they really are.

Present them with mathematical proof that they fail to meet the standards of a true human and it won’t matter. Thus the only option is for them to die or to be imprisoned, or better yet put in a work camp so they’re not a total waste to society like they’ve already been all their lives. Preferably even one with decent living conditions. Whatever keeps the patently 100% inhuman niggers out of the public.

Why would you think you can reason with apes? Honestly I only know a meager handful that made it out of the regression of the castes, and others who did aren’t dumb enough like me to talk about it. For all the rest, one of their essential life goals is to make sure anyone better than them and who reminds them of the old order when their rightful first and last name was “nigger slave” doesn’t exist anymore. You can’t make this stuff up. It’s not my fault that’s their true name. And thus it’s a war against God himself. “Oh, I know how to get rid of serfdom and exile and patriarchy, we’ll just all be worthless niggers together and there will be no more higher goals of humanity.”

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